all about cedarwood oil


cedrus atlantica

The oil is taken from the wood stumps or sawdust of the cedar.


This majestic tree was used to build King Solomon’s temple: it was thought its fragrance would lead worshipers to prayer and thus closer to God. A clay tablet from 1800 B.C. Babylon mentions the trade of cedarwood essential oil.

The ancient Egyptians used cedar as a preservative and for embalming, in cosmetics, and as incense. Byzantine legend says that cedarwood is one of the three symbolic trees that grow at the gates of the ‘Symbolic garden’, alongside the cypress and the pine. All are said to teach us moderation.


 Instills courage, fortifies and strengthens the mind.

• Antiseptic, astringent; brings on menstruation, clears mucus, sedates nerves, and stimulates circulation.

• The strong life-essence in cedarwood is said to help defeat negativity and promote courage.


• Users report that by reducing anger and anxiety, it can help create a receptive, sensual mood. Its soothing, grounding and centering effect may help with anxiety and stress, making it an ideal oil for meditation.

• Use in the bath for nervous tension, exhaustion, anger and stress related complaints.

• Use in massage blends for stress. Vaporize as incense for meditation, yoga or prayer. Clears the head and deepens breathing.

• Use for acne, arthritis, bronchitis, coughing, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, stress. Helps balance the body, eases respiratory complaints.

• Inhale the steam of cedarwood essential oil to treat respiratory infections and clear congestion. Add a few drops to a bath to help ease the pain and irritation of urinary infections.

• Applied to oily skin, cedar wood essential oil is an astringent that dries and helps clear acne. Incorporate it into a facial wash, spritzer, or other cosmetic (10 drops of essential oil per 30 ml (1 ounce) of preparation.

• Added to a moisturizer (15 drops of essential oil per 30 ml (1 ounce), it may relieve dermatitis and, in some cases, eczema and psoriasis.

For bites and itching, mix cedarwood and an equal part of or vegetable oil, and dab directly on the area. Add two drops of essential oil to every ounce of shampoo or hair conditioner to ease dandruff and possibly slow hair loss.

Home use

 The aroma repels ants, moths and insects. Use in linen closet to protect against moths.

Safety precautions

• Don’t use during pregnancy.

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