the benefits of detoxification

The Benefits Why Detoxification What is Detox

Though detox has become popular in recent years, understanding it as something one does in a day, week, or longer – may not give us a deeper understanding of a very important fact.  This crucial information gone unnoticed can mislead, create confusion and distrust, and mystify a process that is happening 24/7.

Yes, that’s the missing and critical info, which is understanding how the body keeps itself balanced second to second (i.e. detox) – and therefore heals and potentially thrives in supreme health – or “detox” getting passed by and chalked up to another passing fad.

Make no mistake, detoxification in and of itself, is neither fad nor fashion. It’s what happening constantly, or we’d otherwise become so overwhelmed by toxicity we would not survive – given we no longer eat and live naturally as a mainstay. Understanding the basic science of how detox works  can be the difference between excelling in excellent health – or feeling faint, fatigued, and worse. 

With every breath we inhale oxygen into our lungs where it is exchanged for carbon dioxide with each exhale. Without the body exchanging a healthy amount of oxygen for carbon dioxide, our cells eventually suffocate in toxins, we suffer. The basis of detoxification is happening constantly, without a break, and depending on our food and lifestyle habits, the body either receives ample oxygen down to the cellular level that kills anaerobic activity, or cells die more rapidly than they are being reproduced.  

When dead cell accumulation out weighs the number of living healthy cells, we experience a lack of energy and eventually health issues. Without concerted and consistent measures (i.e. detox/dietary and lifestyle changes) taken, we suffer and are not be able to truly fulfill the things that are important to us.

To heal and regain from one’s past history, to have the energy to accomplish all you want to do, focused on what you can do: detox. 

Here are 10 benefits:

Get Your Energy Back: by getting the gunk out of your blood and cells, you’ll receive more oxygen rich nutrition to kill off bacteria that creates fatigue.

Glow:  where oxygen flows, so does the glow. Not only do you have the opportunity to feel your best, look your best too!

Turn Back The Hands of Time:  hydrated, nourished and oxygenated blood, cells and tissue can take years of your face and body. Grow younger with maturity.

Reap Your Own Wisdom:  removing damaging waste has a way of lightening our inner load, which often reveals one’s inner treasures of peace and wisdom”¦. similar to shining a rough diamond. 

Gain Stability:  as biochemistry balances, emotions tend to follow and we become steadier.  There’s no such thing as a “bad mood”, we’re just toxic, and therefore we become instable in both physical and emotional health.

Feeling That All Is Well:  lightening our load – colon to carefreeness, a feeling of “all is well” tends to pervade”¦. and a sense of simplicity and inner contentment often predominates.

Need Less:  instead of pursuing pleasure – in exchange for likely pain – detox gives us an intimate and direct experience of being free from hunger on many levels.  With food no longer dominating the mind, other perceptions are possible.

A Loving Heart:  from the basis of simplicity, an empty container is available to conduct the current of pure, unconditional, unadulterated love – that just loves, for the sake of being.

Clarity of Mind:  while detoxing, the mind free often becomes sharp with crystal clear thinking – this often provides a fertile ground for problem solving and directing life clearly.

Strength & Power:  as the body becomes cleaner and well nourished, in more advanced stages of consistent balanced biochemistry, the body becomes stronger and more powerful than ever before – running in perfect accordance with its true design.

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself – and remember, it’s natural in the first 3 days of a fast (and sometimes longer), to feel other than all the above 10 benefits. THIS IS NATURAL AND NORMAL. Fear not and preserve. Trust you body, and the natural way you’re designed to heal when food, substances and stress aren’t obscuring your opportunity to claim your birthright – which is nothing less than the 10 benefits above, and much more.

Here’s to your health! You’re doing it already with every breath you take. Up the anty for more energy, lightness of being, a calm mind, and genuine feelings of good will that are likely to grow with each detox you do, and staying clean between cleanse periods.

To follow Dr. Amy’s detailed cleanse protocol, and for more suggestions and helpful hints, please see and download her free eBook.