awaken, strive, receive

awakening the financial guru within

One of the most profound aspects of our spiritual journey involves the conscious, self-motivated shift in the way we regard and leverage our wealth. Money is energy; it has the ability to affect how we feel about ourselves and our relationship to the rest of the world. Money can also provoke a whole host of volatile emotions, bringing up feelings that can be difficult for some people to come to terms with, especially in regard to  the state of their financial well-being. Some people postpone getting things in order, while some people avoid the matter altogether. Ultimately, harnessing the power of our wealth teaches us to live in conscious alignment with  “the more we have, the more we have to give.”

We can deepen the way we live our lives by choosing to awaken the financial guru within. When we say, “Yes!” to functioning at our fullest financial potential we are igniting an even bigger stream of energy. By choosing to “live into” our potential, we are offering ourselves the opportunity to be of utmost service to others. We serve no one by being small, so why not choose to be big? True, conscious wealth comes from a place of security and abundance””it is a place where we are financially free to stop working for a living and start living for our work””our life’s work. By following a few practical steps, we can create a significant shift in our lives by forming new habits and illuminating the way we view ourselves, our money, and our opportunity to be of service.

Step 1: consciously affirm prosperity and action

The universe is dying to give us what our heart’s desire. Sometimes, without even knowing it, we close off our ability to receive because emotions of fear, doubt or worry often get in the way””emotions that often come up when talking about money and wealth. For most of us, where we think we stand and where we actually stand with our money-matters are two very different places. All the small, infrequent expenses can add up, creating a vast disparity between our current net financial worth and what it could be down the road. 

Wealth affirmations and visualizations are powerful methods to engage our minds as we move toward our fullest potential. Visualizing what we desire regarding money and wealth has tremendous impact on the conscious decisions we make and the goals we set in life. 

Keeping a daily budget is another essential step. By proactively managing the dollars that are coming in and consciously reviewing how we choose to grow, spend, invest and give those dollars away, we automatically begin to attract a multitude of powerful lessons for prosperity. 

It is common for people to seek out mentorship when working toward an advanced degree, certification or the mastery of a specific skill. In the same way, we can reinforce our conscious wealth by engaging powerful mentors and financial advisors who can help us model healthy habits. Our financial education is as important as our need for physical training or creative exploration. Whatever tools we choose to utilize are up to us. The key lies in taking consistent action toward our desired results no matter what. 

Taking action prepares and enables us to receive what it is we want. When we are consciously managing each dollar currently coming in the door, we automatically upgrade our ability to receive more. Over time, our deservedness to receive increases, and with each new action we take, the number of wise choices we make is compounded. This success will enforce our desire to better manage our income, and this in turn will enable us to better appreciate just how powerful and prosperous we truly are.

Step 2: clarify our heart’s desire

“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” One of the most powerful ways to awaken the financial guru within is to clarify what we want financially for the short-term future (three years) and the long-term future (ten years). The majority of the population exists at a level of lack and scarcity when it comes to their relationship and results with money. Enlightened individuals understand that we create the present from the future against a backdrop of the past. In essence, we must train ourselves to live prosperously through breathing life into our dreams. 

It is necessary to take time to sit down and write out your financial goals. Doing so enables us to experience our daily waking reality and watch it become a mantra. This mantra will allow us to step out of our financial comfort zone and enter our life’s vision. This action immediately upgrades what we deserve and it prepares us to receive it on an entirely new level. 

Step 3: make money while we sleep

Conscious wealth is created over a period of time. By affirming and clarifying what we want for our life, we bring ourselves closer to receiving it. Shifting our level of consciousness, however, also requires a lot of attention. Taking time to be conscious of how we create income as well as how and where we choose to spend our dollars plays an essential role in our ability to move out of our comfort zone. 

There are many ways to create multiple revenue streams, but seasoned financial advisors champion the benefits of real estate as being one of the quickest ways to achieve the quality of lifestyle one desires. Poverty ensues when large efforts produce small results. Wealth is created when small efforts produce large results. Each time we write a rent check, we are writing it toward someone else’s wealth. It is an incredibly compelling time to be a real estate shopper because the market is ideal for uncovering an incredible deal.  

Many properties are priced under market value, making it more feasible to land a home with almost no money down and negotiate improvements on the property as well as on closing costs, all resulting in more bang for our buck.

If we first make the conscious decision to live into our fullest potential, all we have to do is create the demand for the universe and the universe in turn will work hard to provide us with the supply. May this new year be the year that we take new action toward awakening the financial guru within. All that is required is that we step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to see the forest through the trees. We can all benefit from clarifying our financial goals and taking action to budget and open the flood gates for wealth in all of its forms to reach us.

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