autumn awakenings

Autumn Eco Fashion | Sustainable Recyclable

Photo 1: Vintage lace and paisley print dress by Kelly Nishimoto –; Vintage jewelry and shoes.

Photo 2: Hemp bolero by Hippie Chick Style –; Organic cotton jacquard romantic tunic in chablis by Jacquelyne Love, $572 –; Hemp knickers by Hippie Chick Style –; Vintage necklace.

Photo 3: Hemp/silk with recycled leather appliqué corset by Deborah Lindquist, $687 –; Hemp skirt by Hippie Chick Style –; Vintage bolero; Fringe cuff with maltese cross in red vintage coral necklace by Rumble Fish, $230 –

Photo 4: Organic cotton poplin double-collar blouse by Jacquelyne Love, $462 –; Vintage riding pants by Maggie; Vintage necklace.

Photo 5: Organic cotton poplin cap sleeve top in chablis by Jacquelyne Love, $473 –; Wool hemp ciao trousers by Undesigned by Carol Young, $275-; Hemp corset by Hippie Chick, $214 –; Gold-filled oval hoop earrings with vintage whiskey quartz by Jessica Elliot, $130 –

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