october 11 full moon asana

By: Diane Booth Gilliam

This is a fiery Full Moon! Full Moon at 18° Aries, the zodiac sign ruled by warrior-planet Mars, on October 11th—this is known as the Warrior Moon.  


Full Moon in Aries (ruler: Mars) points to passion. Okay. I’ll come clean with you. My colorful past contains one Moon-Mars mess-up. 

Once upon a time, I had a super-lover. This passionate fellow was tall, dark, and…  I’d seen his astrology chart. I knew he had a Moon-Mars thing going on. Nice and hot, right?


Temper, temper. Tantrums like a two-year old—only worse. He lost his temper. A lot. Passion, I can do. Even some anger now and then. But raging temper tantrums, no thanks.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be cool. Breathe deeply and remember, no matter how inflamed, infuriating, or lustful things get, this too shall pass. Think twice before blowing your cool this Full Moon.


Think back. A couple of weeks ago. I wrote about Uranus (see September 27th New Moon Asana) and called it a “cosmic shocker.” Uranus liberates us from something.

Yes, something gets freed up when Uranus is involved. But what? We can’t be sure until later. In other words, prepare for the unpredictable.



I know. It’s confusing. However, this Full Moon, we get to relax into not knowing for awhile. We can—indeed, we must—relax in the present moment now. Be present. Relax. And you may be amazed at what bubbles up. 

Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.”  – Rumi

Bottom line: relaxation is the #1 way to get ahead now.  And remember, in the state of not knowing, the Buddha became enlightened.


Traditionally, Aries has been correlated with the head.

Suggested poses: 

Head-standing pose. Unless you’re a pro, always practice head-standing pose with a yoga teacher who helps with alignment and safety.

Warrior pose. In honor of warrior-planet Mars, do warrior pose. This asana has as many variations as there are peaceful-warriors yogis in the world today. Lucky us. Also try lifting through the crown of the head, in warrior pose. And free up that area just above your head too. Seventh Chakra Heaven.

Shavasana. Whatever asana you do, be sure to let your practice lead you into Shavasana. Channel the fire inward, to the state of deep repose, and you will get ahead.


In Vedic astrology, Jyotish, this Full Moon falls in Pisces = feet. Take a load off (your feet) and lie down in Shavasana. R e l a x.


Honor the Full Moon as Dana Gerhardt says, “instead of running from werewolves, become one.” 

The Warrior Moon—Full Moon in Aries—wants us to do something fiery inside ourselves. Mark your calendar with a big red heart that says “Full Moon Date With Myself” on October 11th. Schedule in Shavasana.

Melt into yourself, relax. And you will get ahead. Guaranteed. 

“Keep a cool head and bide your time; a chance is bound to come.”  – fortune-cookie 

Lying in Shavasana, go ahead. Howl at the Moon. ll’ howl too, right along with you.



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