december 24 new moon asana

Astrology Yoga | December 24 2011 | New Moon Asana | 12 24 2011 Full Moon

To all Moon lovers, our meditation this New Moon is: OPENING


This New Moon on December 24th is in Capricorn. As always, New Moon is a special time for meditation and contemplation. It’s also a prime time to OPEN to Grace.


Traditional body : zodiac correlation for Capricorn = knees. 

Tap into the power of body : zodiac. Do asana around the time of this New Moon with a focus on the knees. And since this New Moon coincides the holy-days, let’s focus on “knee”ling and connect with Source. Think: genuflect (Catholicism). Pranam (deep kneeling/bow done in ashrams).

Kneeling poses ”” here are some favorites:

1. Gate pose. Parighasana (par-ee-GOSS-anna: Parigha = metal beam that shuts a gate) Beautiful side-bend. “Knee”l on extra padding, even if you think you don’t “knee-d” it. Okay! I’ll stop now. Just promise me you’ll take good care of your knees.

2. Child’s pose. All-time favorite. Begins in a kneeling position.

3. Thunderbolt pose. If your knees are tight, try this: Roll a towel. Reach back, tuck the rolled towel in behind your knees. Now kneel. Do you feel more comfortable? If you’re uncomfortable, don’t force things. That goes for asana practice, and in life.

4. Camel pose. Gorgeous back-bend, begins in a kneeling position. Great chest/heart-OPENer too.


Jupiter the “Guru Planet” stations direct (emerges from retrograde) on the day after the New Moon ”” December 25th. Merry Christmas!  Jupiter is the bringer of good luck, good fortune, optimism, and expansion. Stay OPEN to receive lots of goodies as we step into the New Year.


Welcome the New Year ”” long-awaited, much-anticipated ”” 2012. Good health, prosperity, and expansion this New Moon, and New Year.


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