the flaky yogi

Art Poetry Poem The Flaky Yogi

om and i’m sorry
i’ve been such a flaky yogi lately!

i’ve missed classes and burnt mats
and bridges
mildewed splashes from classes gone awry
right out to the sky
i’m flaked up to the stars
on this breathing technique
deep om, ahh…

for the love of you , i do it
i do it on the mat to splash thoughts through downward dogward
and upward wondering what words
and right ways reveal themselves
and praise to the sun and moon halves
and turns into crescents and gratitude and thank you’s
to all the ones before
and to come.

please accept this apology:
i am sorry i have been such a flaky yogi!
it’s just that i’ve been upside down
your turning me with the namaste respectfully
and i’m gone into classes of vinyasa, ashtanga and twisty crosses
i’ve disappeared into thoughts of past transgressions to forgiveness
i’m lost on this mat!
missing in action, reaction
twisting and turning
i try to remind myself
that i am the one
i am waiting for
living in the now is receiving the present
our presence is our gift.

so i’m sorry i’ve been such a flaky yogi lately
i’m caught in the webs of my sticky mat
and these slippery slopes of absence
hoping, prayers for mindful awareness
stacking on my toe poses balancing
shoulder aches and flakes on my left checking texts
and right on girl!
for going to yoga anyway
coming thru the pains and pulls and stretches.
blessings to all…
if i’ve been a flake i’m sorry!
im still learning
still learning a beginners mind, a child asana
still learning the warrior and corpse pose
still dozing at moments of fire
still trying to be a good yogi
still trying to be a shiny happy yogini
a reliable, pliable pro-bionic woman,
a shakti savasana pranic goddess

floating on yogic bliss…

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