are you really in your body?

a beautiful guide to release the busy mind and reconnect with yourself

Have you ever felt so consumed with work, your personal life, and to-do lists that your mind is on constant overdrive? 

When we are doing, analyzing, and planning, we use a ton of mental energy which disconnects us from the present moment. As a result of this disconnection, our body turns into a machine…automating the tasks of our mind. 

How much time do you spend in your mind while your body is doing something else? 

Driving on autopilot 

Spacing out when someone is speaking to you 

Rushing a meal barely tasting any food 

Reading three pages of a book and suddenly realizing you have no idea what you just read! 

Checking out of the present moment has become an ‘addictive’ habit.

Christine Hassler, one of our top Spiritual Life Coach at YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY, has been teaching thousands of people transformative tools to connect with the present and release those repetitive thought patterns.

In this 5 minute video, Christine will show you how to check-in and connect back with your body. Give yourself this gift to calm the mind and allow new insights to come in. From this place, you can set an intention, say a prayer, or simply enjoy the present moment

YouTube video

What we love so much about Christine’s process is the rooting and expanding of energies that she guides you through. Her technique gets us back into our bodies while offering the opportunity to go beyond the mind.

I felt a deep connection as I did it. Beautiful, expansive, and grounding.

Here’s to your beautiful present-self. Enjoy!

You can learn more self-discovery techniques and transformative tools with Christine Hassler in her free video workshop here.


Christine Hassler is a transformational spiritual life coach for 15+ years. She’s been helping millions of people as a master coach, bestselling author, and top-rated podcast host. Her work is heartfelt, and her wisdom is authentic.

Christine combines her life-changing coaching techniques with the principles of spiritual psychology. Her online course Personal Mastery Over It & On With It focuses on healing, improving your relationships, and getting over the significant mental blocks that hold you back from achieving what you want.

Bottom line: I help people get “over it and on with it” and finally reach their full potential, one simple step at a time. I created this 3-part coaching workshop because I want to show you that making positive changes in your life can happen easily and in a short amount of time. Are you with me?

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