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Anutosh Foo Family Constellation

Yogi Times: Anutosh, you are leading Family Constellation’s workshops in various part of the world, can you tell us what has let you to become a facilitator of these workshops?

I first read about this work in 1996 and did not know what to think of it but I was intrigued because the article spoke of a young lady with kidney issues who tested well in all the medical procedures but was still experiencing symptoms. A friend suggested that she attended a Constellation workshop which she did and it was revealed to her that she had a twin brother who died that she was not even aware of and in this work, who was not acknowledged when allowed a place brings wholeness back again into their system and in her case, her health. In 1998 I had my first life changing opportunity to experience this work and I have been immersed in it since then. The facilitation part came only much later. My sister before she died over 3 years ago told me that it is my calling and I am to be in service to it. And I have learnt since then that the words of the dying are blessings and so this is how it began for me on the facilitation part.

YT: How would you introduce the Family Constellation to someone who has never heard of it?

Systemic Constellation Work enables people to discover hidden personal entanglements carried down from the fates of previous members of their families. When these are revealed and brought to light through this work, a resolution becomes possible. The focus is solution oriented with no judgements and an emphasis on sensitivity, respect and dignity.

It is always LOVE operating underneath regardless of what it looks like on the surface. Once this Love is revealed and restored, it can flow again. This eliminates hidden systemic pressure, patterns, and limitations which then allows for healing and transformation. Business and Organizational themes may also be explored utilizing this understanding.

Simply put, it is a way of illuminating the hidden “organizing principles” and aligning systems. My other sister calls it doing “Feng Shui” for the family!

YT: Why the name “family constellation”?

I do not know why this name except that is was the closest to the German translation of Familien Aufstellung perhaps in the earlier days?! The work was developed in Germany by Mr. Bert Hellinger more then thirty years ago. Mr. Helinger will soon be 90 years old.

Work is very alive and it keeps informing and stretching us as facilitators as well as participants. It is evolved to being called more accurately as Family and Human System Constellation Method currently. Family is one system and there are many systems out there where we are finding out that this same method can also be used to explore finding solutions for the greatest good for all. The “for all” is essentially what is different about this method understanding that we are each part of a bigger system.

YT: Are these workshops available in many countries?

It is now all over the world and that is what is most touching for me. There is a deep longing and ripeness for healing from the roots up. I think we may have reached critical mass in the longing for healing and reconciliation. Or maybe it is just my own wish for it. It is a prayer I hold close to my heart in any case.

YT: How do you explain the current expansion of the family constellation workshops?

Overwhelmingly beautiful I would say and rightfully so. This work find their people when ripe and ready. Work is powerful and it delivers. Work is efficient and elegant too. It is an embodied phenomenon and when folks get the experience that the body do not lie, they come in contact with the something that is much bigger and I think collectively we are so ready for this “Much Bigger” aspect in our lives. This mystery that surrounds us all that knows. We call it in this work, the Wisdom of the Knowing Field.

YT: For what major reasons people engage in a family constellation?

Those who have attended my workshops are folks who are longing for deep healing and resolutions and are courageous enough to explore beyond just on the personal level or have failed exploring it on just a personal level. Most folks have told me that often they are just lead and do not know why. That was my personal experience too. I was longing for deep healing and was going in circle with many other modalities and this work was for me the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle and this work literally found me when I was ripe. It was a systemic issue which I was trying to work on it on a personal level. So I was hitting a wall so to speak till the Aha! moment came through this work. By then I was ripe and the other work also prepared me for it. I am grateful for it all.

YT: Is there a specific preparation needed to participate into a workshop?

No preparation. Come open and skeptics are welcome too. Work is a very embodied experience and is best described by experiencing it.

Much unlearning happens in this work and so for some folks this can be quite a challenge but when they allow and see that reality is often quite different from our concepts or ideals, it can be life changing as well as it was for me from the beginning.

YT: Can you share with us one of your most memorable experience you have seen a participant go through?

There are so many and just one is difficult to choose and mostly I do not remember is also true. So in this beautiful way I am protected too. We work deeply on the Soul Level and I feel often I am allowed just to peek into someone’s system just to serve and then I must retreat. It is a very deep honor and privilege to be allowed in and I take it very respectfully. However I will just share my own because I honor privacy and confidentiality of my participants. I carried a shoulder pain on my right side for over 10 years. In one of my earlier constellations, my father was set up and my body threw itself to honor him which surprised me. But in honoring my father, my shoulder pain left instantly never to return again. This was 16 years ago. This opened up healing with my father in ways which I did not think could be possible for me in this lifetime that also expanded to my siblings. It has a domino effect as we are touching systems. Again the efficiency and elegance of this work continues to awe me. Grateful beyond words.

YT: Give us a quick understanding of what happens in a family workshop?

We seat in a circle and I call this circle technology. Using Bert Hellinger’s effective “living Constellations” method, participants reconstruct their “family system” to identify  and solve fundamental issues. Participants can choose among three levels of involvements:

1. Observing from the seated circle
2. Representing a person in someone else’s family
3. Placing their family in the circle using Representatives

YT: After each workshop, you mention the importance of not sharing what happen during your family constellation with other people”¦ Can you explain what is the purpose of that request?

The work is always in motion and it is best to respect and leave it alone to the healing that is still happening at the level of the person’s own Soul who just had their work looked into very deeply.We are all becoming increasingly aware that as we work with energy that whatever we give energy too grows and so to talk about it means having to go back to the past and it can take energy away from the movement or jump start of something that has been set in motion towards wholeness. There is also an understanding that all healing begins in stillness and silence and our culture of wanting to talk everything away is often not helpful as it brings our minds in. Often it can also retraumatize us as in talking about it we have to bring the old picture back in. It is best to leave it with greater hands of the person’s own Soul. This is most respectful and empowering for the seeker of the work.

YT: What other questions you would have want to answer in this interview?

I cannot think of any so far. Thank you for all your questions and I hope that it can serve in a good way for folks wanting to explore in this work. For me I consider it a step closer to World Peace. It begins within ourselves first, then our family, our community and then the world. I do not think there is a short cut but I could be wrong. This is beautiful work to do for our children whom I consider as our Future Ancestors. –
Nature Constellation and one of the experts in this work currently in USA is Francesca Mason Boring

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