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Anita Kozlowski MSC, the founder of Live with Power NLP and Structural Psychology training institute in Canada is an internationally licensed NLP trainer of NLP and a developer of Structural Psychology Systems that revolutionize therapy and coaching and human communications.

She has trained thousands of people around the world from the platform of Live with Power, which is the training organization with a mission to transform the world through the empowerment of individuals. She helps people in clinical settings, helping them get rid of problems main-stream psychology and psychiatry have given up upon. Her extensive background in psychotherapy, her natural ability to engage and communicate with people, her vivid personality, and her endless energy bring an extra dimension to the work.

We invited her to be part of the Yogi Times “I AM DOING IT” project, asking her to share why and how she is “doing it”, that is raising consciousness with her skills and passion in so many communities, and to give us some light on NLP.

Sophie Parienti:  We are here on the beautiful “Island of the God” Bali, and I just completed the 8-day NLP course with you Anita Kozlowski and you blew my mind! We laughed, we cried, we wondered, we questioned and then we just simply started to enjoy the magic of these powerful techniques of applied psychology called NLP and Ericksonian Hyponosis. I have to say I am just bluntly impressed and I can’t wait to share who you are with our viewers. Give us a little background about yourself?

Anita Kozslowski:  Thank you for this opportunity. It was a real pleasure to meet you. I am what you can call a passionate mind scientist. I studied the mind all my life through my intensive studies of Neuropsychology at a graduate level, symbolic logic, counselling psychology and finally Neurolinguistic Programming with Dr. Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP. When I discovered NLP, I went back to the drawing board and spent two years recreating the model for myself where I was satisfied and understood the structure and the system. I was then ready to start seeing clients.

Since then I have seen a lot of clients, typically the kind mainstream psychology and psychiatry gave up upon, and have been able to help them get rid of the most pervasive and challenging issues. I have seen people who suddenly lost a sense of hearing, who believed were terminally ill with cancer and experiencing sudden onset of neuromuscular disease, educational disabilities, etc. I discovered the system that underlies these problems and by shifting the fabric of beliefs inherent to these problems, we were able to “shift people out of these problems.”

This part of my work is most rewarding because I see people recover from “hopeless” problems and feel that my work is measurably making a difference. I also became a licensed trainer of NLP and call it True NLP. To me, True NLP is a systemic and structural process. I see a lot of NLP out there where people offer quick fixes and categorize humans into cookie cutter replica of each other. There is no cookie cutter replica and techniques are useless unless applied into the framework of understanding the system of thinking inherent to each individual.

Each individual has an inherently logical inner universe which makes perfect sense to them. In order to facilitate change we must understand implicitly how that person created that reality and what is stable. Only then can we go inside and make strategic changes to the system.

When I recognized the deficit in the way NLP is approached I developed Structural Psychology which is the system behind the system, a strategic approach to intervention, and really, any communication. It revolutionizes the way we do therapy and also how we communicate with others. It not only removes guess factor from our interventions, it also gives us strategic tools for eliciting change. It works like a dream.

So, going back to your question, I am a passionate mind scientist. I am devoted to helping others access their full potential and through this work, making this crazy world we live in a better place!

SP :  Can you tell us what has led you to become a facilitator of the NLP Process?

Anita Kozslowski:  It was my absolute certainty it was the only model in Applied Psychology that works (if applied correctly). It was seeing the logical structure and the effectiveness that was measurable. I also love Math and Logic and am interested in Spirituality. Here I found the platform to combine real logic with real spirituality. When the mind gets clear, people are led to ask some fundamental higher level questions. When they ask these questions, their universe transforms. I love that.

SP:  Can you define what NLP is?

Anita Kozslowski:  True NLP is an art and science. It is a study of human subjective experience. Subjective experience is all we have. It also is the engine for our results. I say, “All we have is experience.” The rest is an afterthought.

So NLP is a study of that experience and a strategic model of understanding how it has been formed and how it determines the results in life. It is also an art as it is the only model of intervention that allows us to shape that experience. With it we become artists painting on the canvas of life. We are also engineers deconstructing old reality and constructing new reality.

It gives us the tools for understanding and tools for influence. It is also a philosophy. We believe all humans have value which has nothing to do with their current results in life (which can be changed), and all humans have the blueprint of the best version of themselves. Accessing and expressing that blueprint is my passion and my joy with this work.

SP:  What specific training have you accomplished so far in your life?

Anita Kozslowski:  Well, I have been a student of the mind for years. As I mentioned earlier, I have studied Neuropsychology, also Linear Structural Equation Modelling, Symbolic Logic and Statistics at graduate levels. I have also been a student of NLP and DHE. I have been evolving with these methodologies and write new chapters in their development. I created a Creativity Algorithm which revolutionizes achievement of goals, as well as Structural Psychology, a whole new approach to communication and therapy.

SP:  How would you introduce the Live with Power workshops to someone who has never heard of it?

Anita Kozslowski:  If you are serious about transforming your life, reconnecting with your true best self, this is something you must invest yourself in.

SP:  For what major reasons do people engage in Live with Power workshops?

Anita Kozslowski:  I have had so many different students. Some are therapists who want to take their practice to the next level. I love those guys because they are already dedicated to helping others. I have had mathematicians interested in the human mind. I have seen countless of people wanting to help themselves in life, as well as those who want to improve communication in their relationships. I have had attendees who are curious about how the mind works, and those who want to achieve their goals. I have seen celebrities dealing with self image problems, top athletes wanting to break records, CEOs exhausted by their work and having lost life purpose. I have seen people who love learning and need inspiration in their lives.

SP:  Are there specific types of people or symptoms that would most benefit from your work?

Anita Kozslowski:  There are many including all mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction. Also illnesses with sudden onset such as cancer and allergies and auto-immune diseases. Learning disabilities. And sometimes people who were diagnosed with terminal illnesses. These people were told they were ready to die. They are all alive today.

SP:  Are any of your workshop helpful for addiction?

Anita Kozslowski:  Very much so. My advice is if you are suffering from a heavy addiction, before taking the training book a couple of private sessions with me. In the context of a private session we are more free to explore the intricacies of the problem.

SP: Is there a specific preparation needed to participate into a workshop?

Anita Kozslowski:  Yes. Come with an open mind, flexible attitude, be prepared for the unexpected and expect to push the envelope. I love pushing the envelope. I love massive reactions, I love when stuff happens because this is where transformation takes place. I never do the training exactly the same way. It is shaped by the people who are attending. I love resistance and controversial questions. I love that stuff. This is where we learn the most. Be prepared for it. That’s my only advice.

SP:  From what I have witnessed some of these processes of transformation are quite immediate, could it work that fast?

Anita Kozslowski:  The Human brain works faster than you think. The Human brain unlearns stuff fast, just as fast as it learns. A simple proof of that involves Phobias which are a one time event. It takes one time to learn it. Why would it take 8 years to unlearn it? 

SP: Can you share with me one of your most memorable experiences you have seen a participant go through?

Anita Kozslowski:  There are many of those. One that comes to mind is a Hong Kong engineer who came to my training in order to gain more confidence in social situations. He walked out having discovered an amazing talent for writing poetry and for stand up comedy. He is now performing in clubs as a hobby. Talking about a shift..

SP: Give us a quick understanding of what happens in a Live with Power typical workshop?

Anita Kozslowski:  The whole workshop is an experience. It is an experience where you learn on multiple levels simultaneously; experientially, cognitively, through demonstration, practice and questions. You get to experience the material which is layered in a specific manner to open your mind to possibilities. You will practice everything you are learning until you reach a state of confusion which is deliberately designed to stop the chatter of your conscious critical mind. After that everything gets integrated and you experience an epiphany, the “Aha” moment where suddenly you become consciously competent.

Structurally the programs are designed in a way where on Day 1 you have the whole system installed on other than conscious (subconscious) level. Day 8 is where you consciously can use it strategically. In between you go through the experience of learning a whole different way of thinking. In the process you experience your own walls, beliefs, values and unravel your own systems of the mind. You also get to practice with others, making you a powerful communicator.

Master Practitioner of NLP training is about taking this methodology to a different level and playing in the garden of creativity. Fun stuff. Be ready for many emotions. You will laugh, you may cry. You will transform, that’s for sure.

SP: I was fascinated by what we saw and experienced but the workshop can be quite intimidating or confronting to a new person, especially since it is done in a group environment. How do new people cope with such intense energy and process work?

Anita Kozslowski:  We create a safe environment for everyone. No one needs to divulge their personal stuff. NLP is content free. If someone wants to divulge, we are in a safe and accepting environment.

SP:  During the workshop you often mentioned the difference between law of attraction with power of intent and focus? You say this difference is MASSIVE…Can you shed some light on that?

Anita Kozslowski:  Great question. When you think of the Law of Attraction, inherently you are positioning yourself, subconsciously, in a subservient and passive position in relation to  that which it (Universe which is unspecified) may choose to provide or not.

When you change that stance and accept you get what your deep intent is (people get what they expect not what they want) and focus your mind and energy on that, you are now in a driver seat, shaping your life and designing your outcomes. This is a very different and much more powerful position.

You are the designer of your life experience. You are the experiencer of your own subjective experience. You are the script writer, the director and the main character on the stage of your own life. When you recognize that, you can write a different script, create a different ending and assume a different role.

You get what you deeply intend and what you focus on. You are the product of your intent and your focus.

SP:  I am really curious to know what still surprises you after all these years of teaching and hearing hundreds of people’s stories and limitations?

Anita Kozslowski:  The fact that people are so different and so much the same. I am always learning. This work is an adventure. It is a path of discovery. It is my own creative garden in which I am always planting new ideas. I love that garden and it continues astounding me with its variability and its magic and its beauty and its humility.

SP: If you could talk to the entire world for about 30 seconds, what would you say?

Be the change that makes the change. It’s a beautiful world. Embrace it and yourself in it because you are enough!

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