what is aloe vera?

how and when to use aloe vera

First of all, there are many benefits of using Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a powerful plant that produces natural antiseptics.

In ancient Egypt, it is the “plant of immortality.”

Besides, you can use the pulp from the leaves of the plant to treat a wide range of skin conditions topically and can kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses.

The aloe (or pulp) is the clear and gel-like substance found inside the leaf of the plant.

The natural and healing aspects of the flesh make Aloe Vera a valuable plant to have around the house.

What does the pulp contain?

Aloe Vera consists of a mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients (active plant compounds). Some of the vitamins included in the plant are A, B, C, E, and folic acid.

The plant also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, iron, and potassium.

There are eight amino acids in aloe. Aloe Vera is part of the Lily family and is a close cousin of garlic and onions. Some believe that the therapeutic use of this plant dates back to about 6000 years ago.

How to use Aloe Vera?

Since there are so many uses of Aloe Vera, it is worth having some around for easy access.

You can even buy an Aloe Vera plant and keep it in your house. The pulp is simple to use, and the plant is easy to grow.

Also, you can quickly drink it as an extract or juice.

For instance, the pulp helps with digestion and detoxification and can even help boost the immune system.

This plant is a skin treatment favorite, and there are many common uses for everyday skin disorders.

To soothe a sunburn.

First, apply the pulp to the skin directly to treat burns. For more severe wounds, you can mix Aloe Vera with vitamin E.

For a razor burn.

Same treatment as above. Keep a small amount in a jar and use it daily as an aftershave.

Ease the itching associated with insect bites.

Use a small amount of the plant directly on the insect bite. It will immediately provide a fresh and releasing sensation to the affected area.]

Treat Athlete’s foot.

Just apply a small amount of Aloe Vera between your toes. Repeat 3 times a day for 5-7 days.

Use on blisters

It will have an immediate soothing effect. It’s the perfect blisters remedy.
Prevent scarring and stretch marks.

Make sure to use daily for the best results. Keep scars away from the sunlight.

Shrink warts.

Apply the gel directly on the wart itself, and place a small bandage to keep the gel in place. Repeat applying the gel daily until you see results.

Remove eye make-up.

Ultimately, this is one of the best natural and affordable ways to gently remove your make-up!

As an excellent moisturizer.

The plant can be a replacement for your face cream or body lotion. It works great on dry skin and can also help to repair wrinkles.

The plant is one of the main ingredients in many natural beauty products.

To take internally.

Add it to your smoothie for a nutritional boost—one to two tablespoons in your daily juice or smoothie.


In short, there are so many benefits to using the plant as safe and natural medicine.

The Aloe Vera plant is easy to find in many garden shops, so it is an accessible remedy.

Also, the plant lives well in most homes and takes minimum effort to maintain.

They are also decorative and fun to use.

In other words, Imagine that the next time you have a sunburn, you can walk into your kitchen and break off a leaf of your Aloe Vera plant.

Notes: Lastly, since this is such a powerful medicinal plant, therefore avoid the overuse. Also, do not use it when you are pregnant or if you have issues with the liver or gall bladder.

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