6 useful tips to have a green elevated halloween this year

We are all about doing things differently over here at YOGI TIMES and that includes the holidays! Britt and Tara, our Los Angeles City Editors wanted to help share some of their tips for keeping Halloween high vibe, green and elevated so that we are not being hard on the planet, our bodies, and our pocketbooks.

Here are some fun ideas to keep the health of ourselves, our families, and Mother Earth top notch and top-of-mind this Halloween, because we are not about contributing to that extra dose of sugar, fat and global warming just because it’s October.

1. Go dairy free pumpkin

We like to participate in the fall pumpkin craze and do some pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin pie but in our own way. If we can keep off the extra sugar, hormones, chemicals and contribute to one less cow being harmed for dairy production we are in! For the lattes, go with an organic almond or coconut milk substitute and get it unsweetened (bring your own stevia drops if you want some extra sweetness), and for desserts like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, get a vegan option or make one with dairy-free alternatives and a coconut or monk fruit sugar…most people can’t even taste the difference!

2. Eco-friendly trick or treat bags

Put the Ekk in Eco-friendly…we love this bag that can be reused for years to come. It checks all the earth-friendly boxes so you can feel a little better about letting your kids get 25 lbs of candy (yes this bag carries up to 25 lbs)!

3. Trick out your treats

If you are going to do candy, we love The Natural Candy Store with all organic, vegan, dye-free, gluten-free, fair trade, allergy-friendly candies that taste great, and have the cutest options like these skull and ghost lollies. There is no excuse for eating melted down animal carcuses which is what most gummy candies contain…yuck!

4. Skip the candy

If you don’t want to give out candy, or have candy at your Halloween party, and want to be the healthy house/gal that is still super cool, there are so many other options you can do. For trick or treaters non-toxic glow bracelets, glasses, light up rings, bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, and more are some ways to get creative. Kids get so much candy we found they appreciate something different. Wiki Sticks Trick or Treat Packs are one of our favorite options.

5. Sage the goblins and evil spirits

Kidding about the goblins, and hopefully, you don’t have evil spirits in your home, but we’re completely serious about the saging. If you do have any negative energies in your home, it’s most likely nothing some sage can’t clear. We love to sage daily and in the spirit of Halloween and living an elevated life, we suggest saging yourself and your house before and after going out to any parties and/or having trick or treaters come by!! It’s such a beautiful way to not bring on energy of anyone else’s and to protect your own energy too. We go through a tutorial here on exactly how to do this so if you have been wanting to sage and need some more info or want to refine your saging rituals what better time than Halloween this video is for you!

6. Make your own costume

To cut down wasting resources from a store bought costume that you will only wear once, get creative, save money and do a DIY option! Pinterest has thousands of DIY ideas we love and nothing beats originality and contributing to less waste! Go to a thrift store to pick up some used clothing or even get creative in your own closet. Recycle, reduce, reuse is the best, and we think most creative way, to do Halloween!

As always make sure to have fun with Halloween and don’t get into any low vibe emotions like worry and fear with this holiday. We like to feel good about making a conscious effort to do things differently, better than you used to, and maybe in a more elevated way than the status quo.

Leading by example.