around the world spa treatments

With the new trend of culinary-inspired spa treatments taking storm, destination spas are offering services that are more delicious than ever. For this month’s travel edition, the editors at Yogi Times have uncovered the most delectable massages, wraps and scrubs as well as the most sensuous, avant-garde ingredients being used in spas today. A scrumptious holiday abroad certainly warrants a spa trip drizzled with flavor; these unforgettable spa experiences are sure to revitalize your spirit as much as your skin.

yogurt almond wrap
villa premiere hotel spa
puerto vallarta

The Yogurt and Almond Wrap may sound like a snack, but it is actually a sophisticated antirust treatment that utilizes vitamin E to defend the body against free radical cells caused by atmospheric stress and the natural aging process. Also infused with vitamin D, the wrap stimulates collagen growth and creates an excellent hydrating balm for the skin.

co-co2 chocolate therapy
aquapura spa
aquapura douro valley

Chocolate lovers owe themselves a visit to Aquapura Douro Valley in the heart of Portugal’s wine country. The fusion of chocolate and oxygen in the Karin Herzog CO-cO2 Chocolate Therapy yield advanced anti-aging properties for hormonally stressed skin. The CO-cO2 treatment transports calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B & C and antioxidants deep into the dermis layer of the skin. Sample this chocolate-dipped therapy as either a facial or a body treatment.
icy island mint scrub
driftwood spa, jake’s resort
treasure beach

Refresh yourself with the flavor of mint as you drop into Jake’s for the new scintillating Icy Island Mint Scrub. Blending Jamaican cerassie, spearmint, peppermint leaves, green tea, organic brown sugar, honey, aloe, glycerin, grape seed oil and vitamin E with pure essential oils, the treatment stimulates the immune system and includes mood-enhancing properties.

tropical food scrub
natural mystic spa marley resort spa

A medley of island flavors harmonize at the Marley family’s new Natural Mystic Spa opening in May. Seasonal fruits such as mango, pineapple and papaya (staples of the island) are handpicked and combined with spiced seeds for extra exfoliation and deep cleansing. The natural benefit of this distinctive combination of enzymes is softer, more hydrated skin.

st. maarten:
salt honey glow
good life spa, sonesta maho beach resort
st. maarteen

Indulge the body in sweet savory flavors found within the Salt Honey Thalaterm Steam Dome Treatment. During this treatment, steam opens the pores to eliminate toxins and promote deeper absorption, while crushed sea salt and warm honey oil exfoliate and soak into the skin. The treatment concludes with a deep, relaxing scalp massage.

caviar extract treatment
sensia spa, st. george lycabettus hotel

Visit the Sensia Spa at the St. George Lycabettus Hotel, and you’ll learn that caviar is not just for tasting anymore. Following a thorough cleansing, valuable caviar extracts are applied to the skin. A therapeutic face, neck and shoulder massage aids the absorption of caviar’s beneficial properties leaving treated skin radiant, toned and deeply moisturized.

yardie brown sugar scrub
sunset at the palms

Sprinkle some sugar on top of your spa treatment with the Yardie Brown Sugar Scrub at Negril’s Sunset at The Palms. The treatment uses brown sugar with Jamaican pimento oil to ease muscle aches. The scrub relieves stress while revitalizing the skin, welcoming guests into the carefree vibe of the island.

south africa:
africology potato body balm
tintswalo safari lodge
limpopo province

Potatoes make for more than fries at the picturesque Tintswalo Safari Lodge. Designed for sun-damaged skin, the Potato Body Embalming Wrap moisturizes and tones the body, creating a natural barrier to lock in moisture. The treatment contains marula oil, aloe vera oil, rooibos extract, African potato and many other ingredients to fight free radicals and improve the skin’s hydration.

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