april 6th 2012 full moon asana

April 6th 2012 Full Moon Astrology | 04 06 2012 Full Moon Astrology

On April 6, the Full Moon is at 17° Libra, at 12:18 PM Pacific (more time zones here).

What happens when Mother Moon””maid/matron of intimacy, plus all the comforts of home and Voluptuous Venus””goddess of love, magnetism, and sheer beauty team up in full glory?  

We’re about to find out. This Full Moon is linked with Venus ”” and that’s because Venus rules Libra, that slice of zodiacal pie where this Full Moon rises.

Also, the Moon and Venus are both in Mercury-ruled signs on April 3 (and Mercury emerges out of retrograde, April 4). Everyone could perceive a subtle shift with good, positive communications favored around the time of this lovely Full Moon in Libra. 


Tradition tells us Libra = lower back, likely the hottest hot spot in hatha yoga. 

  • FOCUS the power of yoga on the lower back around April 6.

Here’s a brief video intro to Libra Yogastrology, moving meditation + asana to ease the crankiest of lower backs. 

  • EXPLORE sweet partner poses too.

Partner poses focused on lower backs are featured in Libra Yogastrology, thanks to Libra, the sign of partnership””remember that divine goddess of love, Venus, rules (the Full Moon in) Libra.


Libra Full Moon invites us to explore that magical balance between:

  • Venusian loveliness; but can be rather sultry and seductive 

”” and ”” 

  • Full Moon tenderness; Moon mystique tends to cling to the cozy comforts of home

Now, how does that magic merge within these two types of energy? That’s the mystery of the ages.

And it’s time we collected some fresh data: this is our mission this Full Moon in Libra. Please submit your report in the morning.

{ B l u s h }

But if it all feels a bit too warm and tender… best kept private, snuggled up at home, is that what I’m hearing? More than you care to share in some ol’ report, you say? 

Well then, my dear, you have accomplished your mission this Libra Full Moon.

Rock on, goddesses.



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