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January 22 2012 Astrology | Yoga Astrology 22nd January 2012

To all Moon lovers, our meditation this New Moon is INNOVATE. Start fresh this new year, 2012. First New Moon of the year””January 22nd / 23rd (exact date depends on your time zone)”” falls in the innovative sign of Aquarius. 


This New Moon coincides with Chinese New Year on January 23rd. Happy New Year! The Year of the Water Dragon is said to bring a big wave of good luck and good fortune (Water element), and increase the potential for INNOVATIVE adventure (Dragon) as well. Bring it!


We’re in for a wild ride. Everywhere we look, people’s lives are in deep transformation. Big changes are happening now, in this “end of the world” year. But what of the wild predictions are actually real””does the first New Moon of 2012 provide any clues? 

Take a look at this New Moon in Aquarius (planetary rulers Saturn; Aqua’s ancient ruler””and Uranus; Aqua’s modern ruler) and see what’s up.

  • Saturn; structure; oriented toward “the past”; tradition.
  • Uranus; change; oriented toward “the future”; innovation.

The New Moon””at 2° or 3° Aquarius, on January 22nd / 23rd””supports us to change (Uranus) the structure (Saturn) of our daily lives in some way. 

In other words, this New Moon supports us to add structure to those long-awaited changes we want to make in our lives. Ask yourself, “what little (or not so little) changes do I want to make now? And how can I create structures that will support those changes?”


Looks like we’ve got to some homework to do first: Get-”˜er-done planet Mars goes retrograde the day after the New Moon, on January 24th. Net effect of Mars retrograde is to turn our attention inward, to revamp, reconstruct, or reconsider our actions in the world. It’s also a good time to ask yourself, “what do i reeeeeeeally, really want?”

Mars turns direct again April 13th. While Mars is in retrograde motion, figure on exercising more patience than usual.

How to combine patience and tradition””with bright INNOVATION? In typical Yogastrology fashion, let’s work on embodying that contemplation. Here’s how:


For centuries, Aquarius has been associated with the ankles. We get bonus points for anything that strengthens our ankles in the month of Aquarius. 


Let’s play with that line between structure and tradition (Saturn)””and change and newness (Uranus)””in our asana practice. Start in this traditional pose: Virabhadrasana, Warrior Pose. 

1. Focus on the ankles. Yogastrology audio includes some INNOVATIVE options you can do, within a very traditional asana routine (and it only takes about ten minutes). See Body : Zodiac.

2. Practice at home””and at the studio.

Be sure to take classes at your favorite studio this month: Aquarian energies flourish in group settings.

3. Now kick up your heels and INNOVATE. 

We all need change. It keeps life interesting. But we thrive with the support of structure, too. So try adding something new (Uranus) within the context of your traditional (Saturn) asana practice this New Moon.

Get spicy. Be adventurous. The Year of the Water Dragon has arrived! Have fun.



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