our sādhanā and planet earth


Accepting our sādhanā

For most of us modern yoga consists of a physical practice of Asana and meditation techniques for the mind, which range from the traditional Hatha yoga style to the beautifully fluidic modalities which have recently been evolving.

As this practice deepens, whether we started out looking to strengthen our body or mind, we eventually notice a change within our physical and mental selves, and an inherent link between these and our spiritual side.

Within the spaces between our breath and our thoughts, we start experiencing a recalibration of our vibrations. The further we walk on this path we realise a clearer perception of the deep connection between our singular selves and all of the living creatures around us. This realisation can be described as self-awakening.

This point within our lives can be very magical; it can also be exceptionally stressful.

The aspects of change and the way in which we process these depend very much on our attachment to the old ways in which we perceived and related to the world around us. Eventually, all the choices and directions in our lives point towards what really matters for the self.

To embrace these changes is called accepting our sādhanā. To learn and live our inner principles which guide our daily practices and rituals maintaining the development of our perfectly harmonious life path.

There are many levels and different aspects of ones sādhanā, each one correlates with a specific moment in our existence.

There is one that today has great importance and significance, due to the current delicate time which the world that we live in finds itself.

Sādhanā, as a principle, motivates the way in which one engages oneself in activities which help to transform and improve their surroundings and community in accordance with the higher aspects of the self.

This is not only on a religious or spiritual level, we as a species must consider the oneness of our planet, the way in which all the parts of nature fit like a perfect puzzle.

At this current moment in time many people have an expectation that a big change is coming to our planet. Whether it is Earth’s destiny or whether it is us as a species that may or may not create this, it does not matter.

What matters is our present attitude towards our collective experience as humans on this planet. There are many people talking about a greener way of living, that for life on this Earth to continue we must start changing.

There are many small parts of society working towards this, but how many of us are really changing our ways, and saving the irreplaceable resources of our planet?

In this aspect, which many of us hold dear to our hearts, it is through Sādhanā that we can put these ideals into practice by linking our spiritual paths to the benefit of the whole planet participating in community groups that are willing to share experiences and achievements in how to consume less, waste less and live more.

It was a cloudy August morning, in that sleep-state that can take hold of you on gloomy days, that an organic explosion of ideas came upon us.

This was brought forth by a very simple question: What could they do to help, to really help? The results of it are the Yoga Village Project (YVP) and International Yoga Teacher Training Fund (IYTTF).

We are Deva and Greg the founders of Yoga Village Project (YVP) and International Yoga Teacher Training Fund (IYTTF) these two projects are becoming reality with the participation of people from all around the world.

And for those which sādhanā is to enlighten the paths and minds with the truths of our existence helping us and others to reconnect to our inner shine, our inner gurus, our deepest Namaskaram to all of you.

The village Project