1. kabuto a&s kabuto a&s
    There is a fine line between a wait that shows how popular a restaurant is and how exhaustingly difficult it is to eat there. There is a fine line bet
  1. foreign cinemaforeign cinema
    Nestled quietly between 21st and 22nd streets on Mission, Foreign Cinema is surrounded by a number of old movie houses now turned department stores (p
  1. insalata’sinsalata’s
    As a long time Marin resident, I must confess that getting a good meal within the county isn’t an easy task. Despite the affluence of the various co
  1. kabuto a&skabuto a&s
    There is a fine line between a wait that shows how popular a restaurant is and how exhaustingly difficult it is to eat there. There is a fine line bet
  1. pizzaiolopizzaiolo
    Be warned: Pizzaiolo, the long-awaited restaurant from local boy Charlie Hollowell is up and firing. Firing up pizza, that is. And the place is busy.
  1. VenusVenus
    Venus has a bright energy and warmth that draws you immediately into a comfortable gathering of locals and visitors, hosted by sparkling yogini-owner
  1. lotus cuisine of indialotus cuisine of india
    While atmosphere for many Indian restaurants consists of a boom box blasting ragas throughout a tired dining room, Lotus on Fourth offers outrageously
  1. MandalayMandalay
    Located in San Francisco's Richmond District, Mandalay's brightly colored signs can be seen through even the foggiest of the city's summer nights. Nes
  1. japanese tea gardenjapanese tea garden
    The tea service at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is somewhat of a caricature of the high art of the Japanese tea ceremony. Admittedly a
  1. Samovar Tea LoungeSamovar Tea Lounge
    Samovar Tea Lounge epitomizes the widespread cultural influence of tea. Now with three locations in the city, Samovar has fused the East-meets-West te
  1. Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant
    A trip to the Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco’s not-so-glamorous Tenderloin district is an adventure worth taking. From the outsid
  1. postriopostrio
    Postrio boasts an elite classic status in the minds of San Franciscans. With renowned chefs Wolfgang Puck and Mitchell Rosenthal, a celebrity clientel
  1. fellini restaurantfellini restaurant
    Amid the holiday onslaught of homemade fudge squares, toffee shortbread and general sugar overload to be found at every gathering I attended in Decemb
  1. om south indian cuisineom south indian cuisine
    In the Vedas, it is said that Om is the purest vibration of the universe and that with dedicated repetition, one is sure to attain enlightenment. I su
  1. o chamé o chamé
    A stylish and bustling part of West Berkeley, Fourth Street boasts a quaint, yet urban sort of organic upspring of boutiques, home décor and body car
  1. e&o trading companye&o trading company
    Success in most endeavors, be it love, career, practice or food, comes down to commitment. Since it opened in 1997, E&O Trading Company, a restaurant
  1. mantra restaurant & loungemantra restaurant & lounge
    It is said that the practice of chanting mantras before and during eating calms and purifies the mind, and brings a spiritually nourishing quality to
  1. weird fishweird fish
    While the name might conjure up odd new sushi combinations, Weird Fish is not so much weird as quintessentially Mission neighborhood hipster. Decidedl
  1. chez panissechez panisse
    Food-lovers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to the renowned Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café. Housed in a charming Craftsmen house on Sha