1. susan derwinsusan derwin
    Susan Derwin’s Yin Flow classes are a journey through unexpected sensations and emotions that will leave you feeling blissed out, perhaps a litt
  1. the ecstatic teachings of victor collettithe ecstatic teachings of victor colletti
    Mesh wearing, boa sporting, wig donning – yoga teacher? Yes. This exists. Colorful, versatile, and seeped in the practice, yoga teacher Victor C
  1. goli gabbaygoli gabbay
    Sitting across from Goli Gabbay, one feels uplifted by her energy, her sincere passion for her work and her thirst for improving the lives of those wh
  1. hugo abecassishugo abecassis
    It was through an act of pure altruism that yoga entered the life and heart of Hugo Abecassis. His mother did yoga, but a long time had passed since s
  1. kym smithkym smith
    I believe that everyone we meet has something to teach us. I also believe that we have an opportunity and obligation to share our wisdom with others f
  1. inês rosa inês rosa
    Since tender age, she wondered about her role in this world. After all, what was the purpose of her existence? Inês Rosa was always looking for
  1. marina yogini marina yogini
    It all started with Marina’s love for oriental philosophy. And then law of attraction brought her to yoga in 2003. She purchased a yoga book and
  1. david swenson david swenson
    David Swenson began practicing yoga at a very young age. He and his older brother Doug grew up in Texas and often practiced outdoors. They used books
  1. megan macarthurmegan macarthur
    For years in Hollywood I trained with some of the best for the vital hard body required for my work, but not even a month had passed after moving here
  1. tiffany cruikshanktiffany cruikshank
    Tiffany Cruikshank is an international yoga teacher, author and wellness expert. She has been studying and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Tiffany
  1. noah mazénoah mazé
    In 1893, the United States received its first real yogi in the form of Swami Vivekanada from East India. In the 1930’s Krishnamurti was here promoti
  1. jp tamblyn-sabojp tamblyn-sabo
    J-P Tamblyn-Sabo, is a lover of yoga, surfing and music. His passion and love for life radiates in all that he pursues. J-P is a committed yoga practi
  1. Megan Marie Gates Yoga Teacher Toronto CanadaMegan Marie Gates Yoga Teacher Toronto Canada
    Megan Marie Gates is one of Toronto’s most magical yoga teachers. Her free, light-filled, playful spirit is felt in all of her classes. Megan Marie'
  1. daya kaurdaya kaur
    In 1996, Daya Kaur had her first experience with yoga. She had always been physically active working with competition and thoroughbred racehorses. In
  1. karen mckinnonkaren mckinnon
    Karen McKinnon is one of Toronto’s brightest yoga teachers. At a very young age, Karen began to search for deeper meaning, personal connection, and
  1. darren austin halldarren austin hall
    Darren Austin Hall found yoga shortly after he had a spiritual awakening in his final year at university. Hall was instantly connected to moving
  1. Julie LawrenceJulie Lawrence
    There’s something about Iyengar teachers that commands respect. Their extensive training and thorough understanding of alignment principles give
  1. Jennifer SiegelJennifer Siegel
    When you’re ready to slow down and take care of yourself with some restorative or yin yoga, Jennifer Siegel is the perfect teacher. This 500-hou
  1. jill millerjill miller
    Twenty five years ago, when most of us thought that people who did yoga were part of some strange cult, Jill Miller began her practice. She discovered
  1. prem & radhaprem & radha
    When the pair met in Sri Lanka in 2007, the chemistry was instant. «We were on the same path, we felt the same kind of commitment and that brought us
  1. giselle marigiselle mari
    When a yoga teacher explains the steps to enlightenment with the mantra “ I am of it, I am in it, I’m going to rock it”, you know you’re in fo
  1. jinsungjinsung
    Are you ready for a fresh take on asana practice? A class with JinSung can open up new perspectives and a new layer of inner awareness. The poses are
  1. carol dickmancarol dickman
    Carol Dickman has been practicing yoga for nearly 50 years and teaching it for decades, with no intention of stopping. Tall, with long aubur
  1. saul david raye saul david raye
    Sometimes his eyes are closed as he teaches class and you can feel that Saul David Raye himself is in the process of receiving instruction. His studen
  1. katchie anandakatchie ananda
    Can yoga bring out the joy in you? The dancer who is unafraid to step out and live fully, even in times of darkness? Welcome to yoga with Katchie Anan
  1. aaron reedaaron reed
    Is yoga an art or a science? In Aaron Reed’s case it’s both. Sitting cross-legged, face-to-face with Reed is like listening to the wisdom of a pro
  1. ish moranish moran
    Ish Moran is a mountain of a man - solid, majestic, and steady. Despite his large chiseled frame of six foot-three, there is lightness in his motion.
  1. anthony benenati anthony benenati
    Shafts of light pour into the yoga studio through arched windows, revealing patches of blue sky, green sprigs on tree branches and red brick buildings
  1. max strommax strom
    Max Strom’s yoga classes have always been dedicated to opening the heart and enriching the lives of his students so they can make better choices in
  1. elise miller elise miller
    It is no wonder that Elise Miller stands at the head of class with a presence radiating youthful vitality: she has been practicing yoga for over thirt
  1. martin hunke  martin hunke
    Even though I had never met Martin Hunke, my instinct told me he was the one carrying the motorcycle helmet into Grace Cathedral Park that afternoon.
  1. elyse briggselyse briggs
    It is said that laughter is, in fact, tears turned inside out. Elyse Briggs’ key ingredient in her secret recipe of teaching is laughter. With her r
  1. Jeff WellsJeff Wells
    Jeff Wells awakens between 3 and 4 am. It is pre-dawn, before the sun has given rise to the world. Birds have not yet sung their morning melodies, ear
  1. elena brower, the true heart of a yogielena brower, the true heart of a yogi
    Clear – simple – gentle… those are some words that immediately come to mind when describing one of Elena Brower’s yoga classes at Virayoga in
  1. kia millerkia miller
    We could all use someone like Kia Miller in our lives. It’s not because she’s beautiful. It’s not because she’s got charm and character. It’
  1. sianna shermansianna sherman
    A traveler at heart, San Francisco yoga teacher Sianna Sherman unpacked her bags in Berkeley, called by the rich sense of community and nature of the
  1. erich schiffmanerich schiffman
    In the world of yoga there are rock stars, celebrities and high-profile teachers all vying for the spotlight to impart yoga to the masses. Erich Schif
  1. hatha yoga according to richard rosenhatha yoga according to richard rosen
    Maybe a yoga teacher is like a good Zinfandel, becoming richer, deeper and subtler with maturity. For no amount of youthful enthusiasm can compete wit
  1. mynx inatsugumynx inatsugu
    Being in Mynx’s presence, you immediately notice a strong equipoise; a memorable quality that inspires you to get to your mat, even at home when you
  1. olop arpipi | iyengar yoga teacher in baliolop arpipi | iyengar yoga teacher in bali
    Bali is home to some great yoga teachers from across the world including Indonesian native, Olop Arpipi. Olop’s organic development of yoga firs
  1. baxter bellbaxter bell
    When they were first dating, Baxter Bell’s future wife Raven sometimes called him “Tigger” because he was so energetic, enthusiastic and…bounc
  1. anna kolacny anna kolacny
    Anna Kolacny has been practicing the teachings of eastern religion and philosophy for decades. At just 15 years old in her hometown northwest of Chica
  1. julie kleinmanjulie kleinman
    Holy mystery, holy mystery,” Julie expressed to me with a tone of awe and inspiration. I had the good fortune to catch her still buzzed from her mor
  1. samantha mehrasamantha mehra
    Sweet, open and free-spirited, Samantha Mehra seems at peace with herself. Her playful exuberance and receptive demeanor reflect her facility for expr
  1. Arlisa HoustonArlisa Houston
    For nearly a decade Arlisa Houston has been sharing her heart and igniting others in the pure joy of being in breath and body through yoga, holistic m
  1. peter chandonnetpeter chandonnet
    I will admit to you, dear reader, there are times when I don’t want to practice yoga. I know, hold your gasps and assumptions. On those certain
  1. seane cornseane corn
    Getting to know Seane Corn in her cozy, solar-powered home, one begins to sense that she truly lives her yoga. Her practice and philosophy extend to e
  1. janet stonejanet stone
    To Janet Stone, drawing 80 to 100 students to her yoga classes is as effortless as losing the weight she gained during her two pregnancies. When asked
  1. shiva reashiva rea
    In one exceptional moment, a father inspired by art history and a coast ablaze with a fiery sunset conceives the name Shiva Rae, forecasting for his d
  1. juliette kurthjuliette kurth
    What’s your touchstone? In an age of fast-paced forward focus, where do we look to see the rings of age in our tree pose? Where do we find
  1. jamie elmer jamie elmer
    Jamie Elmer has been a body in motion all her life. She began her formal training at the tender age of eight, which eventually sent her across th
  1. erin flemingerin fleming
    With her mane of blond hair flowing, Erin Fleming directs her Yin class with confidence, in a reassuring and humorous tone. Set in a soothing sanctuar
  1. govindas and radha govindas and radha
    When one steps into a yoga class with Govindas, most likely his wife Radha will be there, taking the class, and lending her exquisite voice to the Kir
  1. Chris HoskinsChris Hoskins
    It was one of those foggy, cold mornings in the Bay area when the best idea was to stay in bed and practice a modified savasana. But alas, I had a pro
  1. hala khourihala khouri
    To clearly portray the glow of light that exudes from Hala Khouri, or the twinkle in her eyes is not possible; you experience something far more visce
  1. alice joanoualice joanou
    Alice Joanou’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her stimulating yet gentle yoga classes emphasize the importance of tuning into your self and listening to
  1. matthew reyesmatthew reyes
    Matthew Reyes does not fit the mold of the average yoga teacher. Youthful and highly energetic, you are as likely to hear Janet Jackson and Eminem bla
  1. michelle kronenbergmichelle kronenberg
    Her eyes light up as she begins to speak about her students and how they, “start to feel their bodies, how they learn to breathe and how they open t
  1. clayton hortonclayton horton
    San Francisco yoga teacher Clayton Horton’s Greenpath Studio on Lombard Street has been a showcase of what it means to maintain a sustainable and jo
  1. Kyra Anastasia SudofskyKyra Anastasia Sudofsky
    The mystic Rumi once wrote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against
  1. brad keimachbrad keimach
    Grateful yogis have navigated their way through the maze of life’s many obligations in order to catch one of Brad Keimach’s yoga classes at Exhale
  1. tamal dodgetamal dodge
    Don’t be fooled by his youthful disguise, underneath Tamal Dodge’s charismatic, playful demeanor lies an old soul with much to share. Upon meeting

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