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  1. anshu's bliss
    Do you know, you can do a physical and emotional detox, just with your breath? We tried a Breath of Bliss journey with Anshu Singh in her beautiful &l
  1. tipi valley
    During my travels in Portugal, I discovered Tipi Valley, which is an authentic, off the grid, and eco-friendly venue located in the Costa Vincentina N
  1. fivelements puri ahimsa retreat
    Have you ever been speechless and fully overwhelmed by the beauty of a place?This is what happened when we arrived at Fivelements Puri Ahimsa Retreat.
  1. bali silent retreat
    The practice of observing silence is called 'mauna' in Sanskrit. The aim is less about silencing the voice and more about silencing the mind. Although
  1. the yoga retreat
    In the North-West of Koh Phangan, on the jungle’s edge, you will find The Yoga Retreat. As you step through the doors, you are greeted by friend
  1. alaya tulum
    Nestled in front of the crystal clear Caribbean sea and the Mayan jungles is Tulum. This small town sits on the part of the Yucatan peninsula whi
  1. jeda villa retreats
    "Jeda" is the Indonesian word for "interlude:" a break from reality, a vacation from the stresses of life. Nestled between clear seas and rolling hil
  1. oneworld retreats in ubud
    ONEWORLD retreats are spacious and cozy Balinese style 14-room yoga retreat venues set in the jungle overlooking a gorge and a river with stunning vie
  1. silent meditation retreat in peru
    After a busy year studying in London, I felt tired and confused, unsure if I was doing the right thing with my life. I knew I needed time to allow my
  1. mao-meno
    The Gili island hopping boat dropped me off, more or less, at the small island of Gili Meno. It was late afternoon with low tide and high winds, so th
  1. retreat center north bali coast
    The first time I drove my motorbike to the end of the road at UME ANYAR PENINSULA, North Bali coast I stumbled across a hidden par
  1. the swara yoga school
    With hundreds of yoga postures (asanas) and many various styles, contemporary hatha yoga may well be leading today's seekers into confusion about