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Not to brag, but we yogis are a special bunch. And special people are prone to finding themselves in need of, well, special products.

We're pleased to showcase and review a variety of eco-friendly and all-natural goodies, ranging from chic yoga clothing to tasty teas. Read reviews from folks just as particular about the origins and contents of their beauty products as you are.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the items for sale around the web. Indulge yourself!

  1. flaska
    It's no secret that water is the source of life. Neither is the fact that we are made of 60% water. It is vital to drink at least 2 liters o
  1. glass bottles in yoga classes
    Bottles Up has been crafting beautiful architectural art glass for more than 30 years. After collaborating with Laura Herter, Bottles Up unveiled th
  1. reuse it
    Reuse It’s company motto is “reduce, reuse, and save.” Founded in 2003, this company specializes in reusable lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, k
  1. to-go ware
    To-Go Ware was created around the mission of manufacturing products that provide on-the-go convenience while allowing individuals to help care for the
  1. Gdiapers
    Diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world and a single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the
  1. Thomas Paul Pillows
    Thomas Paul pillows are made from the finest Chinese silks, each hand-screened with its own exclusive pattern. Experience decor couture with Thomas Pa
  1. BTC elements
    BTC elements innovates with multicultural style to bring together elements of tradition and casual chic. Give a little Eastern culture to your ou
  1. Preserve Tableware
    All Preserve Tableware is constructed from 100% polypropylene. In other words, it can be used, washed, reused, and rewashed until you’re ready to di
  1. Yoga Art
    Add an artistic and yogic accent to your home or office with a bronze sculpture from the Yoga Art line by celebrated architect and sculptor, John Kels
  1. ceramik clock
    This vintage inspired round clock is made from white ceramic and is 11" diameter. With its "'Today is a gift that's why they call it the present'
  1. A Comfy Halloween
    Bring the fun of Halloween into your bedtime routine by bundling up your kids in these cozy long johns from Hanna Andersson. Made from 100% organicall
  1. Treat Your Teeth
    After they splurge on their Halloween bounties, treat your kids to a Preserve Jr. Endangered Species Toothbrush, made by Recycline, an innovative comp
  1. Zen Alarm Clock
    Want to begin your day without being startled awake by an annoying alarm? An innovative company in Boulder, Colorado has designed the Zen Alarm Clock
  1. The Evolution of the Chair
    If you want to encourage proper spinal alignment and relieve spinal compression naturally, the Evolution Chair is a practical and healthy seating solu
  1. Yoga Inspired Candle Line
    Asana candles contain a special blend of soy wax, beeswax and pure essential oils. This candle line is created for anyone desiring a truly non-toxic c
  1. I’m Organic Lunchbags
    STYLIN’ Your little one will be rolling in style from school to play, and all the way into bed.Screen-printed with a lucky ladybug, this I’m Or
  1. Saving the World One Handbag at a Time
    Half the Sky Designs introduces Rebagz, bright, colorful handbags made out of old juice packs and oversized rice bags. Founder, Marty Stevens-Heebner,
  1. Cell-nique
    Gone are the days when eating for your health means compromising taste. These yummy eats and drinks are so tasty that the nutritional benefits are jus
  1. A Container for One Thing
    Handmade by Amy Adams of Perch! Design, this tiny ceramic gem is made to hang indoors. Coated in nontoxic glaze and environmentally friendly, it’s p
  1. Vitality Roses with organic Bouquet
    Organic Bouquet, the world’s first online organic florist, now offers certified organic fragrant roses. The white Vitality Roses, reminiscent of hei

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