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Yogi Times is full of great reads, but there are also some pretty amazing books out there! We know that you are hungry to learn more - not only about yoga, but also about fitness, nutrition, travel, self-improvement, and... well, the list goes on!

This section is all about appealing to your naturally inquisitive self. Not only will you discover the latest books on everything from deepening your spirituality to revitalizing your hormones, you’ll read actual reviews from other yogis.

Whether you’re in search of a little light reading for that upcoming vacation, or looking for a meatier selection to dissect and devour, our reviews have got you covered. So go ahead and get your read on!

  1. leap of faith: how to build your spiritual business
    Starting your own business can be daunting, especially for those looking to use their spiritual gifts to heal others. Colby Rebel has been there and s
  1. super studios
    Every hero’s journey includes a great teacher—a role model that guides the dreamer into a place of strength, know-how, and triumph. Opening your o
  1. green business
    What happens when you decide to go green but don’t know how? It happens often enough with individuals, but what about with businesses? Green Busines
  1. the richest man who ever lived
    The harsh tendencies of the working world are no secret to most. This world is so eager to present challenges and obstacles at every turn. The key to
  1. marketing that matters
    An “in the trenches” manual for meaningful marketing, authors Chip Conley and Eric Friedenwald-Fishman outline 10 key principles to establish one
  1. the type – z guide to success
    If you are lazy, disorganized, or overwhelmed, then Marc Allen’s system for creating the life of your dreams is the answer. A self-acknowledged lazy
  1. value shift
    “This book fundamentally changed the way I think and understand responsible business. Paine explains why every company must take responsibility





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