word of mouth | now closed since august 2013

Closed since August 2013

Word of Mouth, affectionately called WOM by its loyal patrons, is a unique corner café designed by the creative minds of the two owners who run it. Architect Valentina Audrito and her husband Abhishake Kumbhat (better known as Vale and Abhi) seem to have created their own playground for fun and discovery. With the intention to surprise their customers and to do it with a great sense of humor, this interesting pair has more than one trick up their sleeve.

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Their concept store/café offers a wide range of original and “out of the box” items such as a limited edition clothing line, interior design furniture, jewelry, ceramics, cutleries, and pop-up books! And, when it comes to the cuisine, it is obvious that one of them has to be a real foodie who has delved into the diverse realm of the world’s greatest cuisine.

The menu is precisely designed to offer a selection of dishes that will satisfy the foodie in all of us. To start out, let yourself indulge in the Flatbreads with Zucchini (raisins, feta and pine nuts) or the Flatbread with Cameralized Onions (feta and parsley.)

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These light and crispy, thin wannabe pizzas are highly addictive! It won’t be long before you return for more. Feeling for even more (healthy) decadence? Do not missed the Beetroot Kofta Mini Burgers! (a fried beetroot delight with a drop of hidden gorgonzola)

Don’t let the size of their small kitchen fool you! When it comes to the main dishes, you get the real deal…like the homemade Pumpkin and Spinach Ravioli, served in a light butter sauce.
Please hold on to your blue Zebra like stool as you let this mouthwatering freshly made ravioli hit your palate…it is insanely delicate! Finally, the warm dark chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream will seal the deal. 

The meals are delivered to your table with the grace of the well-trained staff (who remembers your name) and at un unusual speed for the well-known nonchalant vibe of Bali.

The word is getting around about how fabulous their soy latte is – rich, flavorful, and foamy, so being for breakfast, lunch or diner, visit WOM to experience a delight of the senses and a chance for your imagination to wander…Have you ever sit on an egg couch before? Go for it!


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