vegan food places in singapore

World Vegan Day falls on November 1st and celebrating all things great, green, and cruelty-free, we bring you a few innovative vegan eateries that are available to try in Singapore (you’re welcome!).

Here are our top 5 picks of vegan eateries you have to sink your teeth into:

1. VeganBurg

From the organic, soft, and fluffy ciabatta bun, to the unique burger concoctions, tofu sausages, and handmade spinach pops – every bite at this fast food place is heavenly. VeganBurg debunks the myth that following a plant-based diet is impossible and boring. This restaurant makes sure that every ingredient is bursting with wholesome and natural flavors and they strive to serve sustainable and ethically prepared food every time.

2. Real Food Grocer

We are a huge fan of this place! Reason being, this reasonably-priced cafe serves meatless foods that are free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives and trans-fat. They prepare the food fresh with no pre-cut ingredients and they also have great magazines and books to read while you wait. Food options include all-day breakfast menus, soups, pastas, noodles and more. This place has several great options for those who follow vegan or gluten-free diets!

3. Delcie’s Desserts

Delcie’s Desserts bakes their cakes by using all-natural ingredients with no dairy or eggs. They also make gluten-free moon cakes and other kinds of sweet treats. We’ll have to get back to you on the calorie count, but after trying the cake, we think it’s worth it. They also conduct workshops on how to make vegan cakes and cookies too!

4. Vegan Ice Cream

We’re a sweet tooth bunch, so we can’t help but to include two ice cream venues for you! Here are our two favorite vegan-friendly ice cream places in Singapore:


Popaganda popsicles are made with only the freshest ingredients. Every popsicle is made by using whole fruit, coconut water, organic agave nectar and fresh herbs. You can order it online or stop by and pick one up in store! Some of their irresistible flavors include avocado cacao nibs, pure coconut, lychee beet, banana dark chocolate, kiwi watermelon and many, many more.


Brownice is another delicious vegan ice cream eatery we love. Their ice creams are mostly made from organic brown rice, milk, fruits, and nuts. This is a really good place for those who are vegan, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, and for those who are just craving a healthy snack! Did we mention they make ice cream cakes too?

5. Sun Moon

Sun Moon offers a wide range of healthy snacks to choose from, such as organic fair-trade dark chocolate spread, Nākd snack bars, TREK energy bars, and many more. All of their snacks are made with natural, wholesome ingredients. This place is perfect for the health conscious and for those who don’t like any animal ingredients or products in their snacks. Pop by one of their locations and give it a try!

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