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Have you ever been in a situation or conversation with someone where your nerves are just on edge and you feel like getting angry and shouting because they are just not understanding you? Most conflicts arise in life when people don’t know how to use mutually beneficial strategies for meeting the needs of all involved as well as themselves. 

I personally have in many situations in life and this may happen with family members, in the office, and with friends. We all have triggers that are a result of needs that are not met or needs that we feel cannot ever be met because of our insecurities and fears, or just simply because the person we are looking to provide to our needs is unable to.

A transformative communication workshop held by relationship coaches and conscious communication experts Sophie & Jesse deals with just this. It provides a method of conflict-resolution that promotes empathy and collaboration with a powerful 4-step technique that reduces confrontation and enables you to feel heard. Learn how to build better relationships and communicate in a non-violent and compassionate manner to improve your life drastically.

I was nervous on my first day of the workshop as I did not know what to expect and what I needed to work on. During the workshop, I discovered a new perspective on why conflict arises in my relationships by discovering my needs in life and why they are not being met. What are the deep-rooted emotions and needs that bring out fear and insecurities? Sometimes we are not even aware of what these may be and through different tasks and exercises in the workshop, I came to have a better understanding and was able to process them.

Once you have identified these needs and emotions you can then learn to cultivate a powerful way to express yourself authentically to be heard. I learned a practical technique or toolbox to help you speak from a place of understanding of yourself and this is what it means to communicate consciously. By the end of only a 2-day workshop, I was able to speak with ease and confidence. I could listen more actively and respond to people without being triggered, and in a way that is sensitive to their needs as well.

Let’s remember that the people around us are going through similar struggles. When we are able to confront our fears and see what fears others are dealing with too, we can have much more powerful conversations. I found by interacting in a group scenario, it suddenly became clear to me why it is so important to have these tools in our lives. I was able to see the same process I was dealing with in the people around me and share in their fears and struggles all the way through to their resolutions.

This practical approach to communication is perfect  to manage and overcome conflict in relationships. By using the techniques shared by Sophie and Jesse, I have taken on valuable insights to be able to get out of difficult and sometimes repetitive situations and create more powerful and productive relationships. It may mean you become closer or rebuild relationships within your family or build lasting friendships with the people in your life, work and the people you are yet to meet. It has been an amazing journey through myself and my emotions.

I can now say that I am more conscious and aware of my needs, I know that conflict has more to do with myself than those around me and that other people only react from the same place as I do. I have become lighter, interacting with more smiles and happiness. 


NOTE: If you are looking to deepen your relationships and learn the basics of authentic communication (with yourself and others) take a look at this powerful online course – Transformative Communication – an easy and life-enhancing approach for better relationships. 

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