the ultimate bali guide

With thousands of places to choose from, we wanted to create a route to help modern yogis navigate their spiritual, emotional, and physical journey on the island of Bali. From extraordinary eateries to unexpected adventures, from unique stays and spas to authentic boutiques and businesses, our carefully curated list is an extensive guide to creative and inspirational places.

The YOGI TIMES ULTIMATE GUIDE BALI GUIDE will take you all across the island. Whether your heart takes you to the rice fields in Tegalalang or the sacred monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud, dive into the clear blue ocean, or explore the tropical forests in your bicycle, there is always a place to return to nature in Bali. If you’re searching for peace and serenity, visit a yoga shala where you can practice your poses, stretch out your body, and listen to your breath, or a traditional Balinese healer to clear your mind, body, and spirit.

Those drawn into culture and arts can head down to traditional markets for an authentic experience of the island, or watch Balinese dances at the temples. Relax and reflect, make your way to one of the beautiful spas on our list, or simply explore the lush lands of your resort.

Expand your culinary taste bud and have a beautiful brunch with your loved ones in healthy vegan eateries, reach out to yogi communities in yoga studios, and retreats (from kundalini to Hatha, Yin to Ashtanga, Bali has got them all!). Find a dance partner in an eclectic performance class, or even learn to be a yoga teacher yourself, – wherever your journey takes you, you will come out with a life-changing experience.  

We began with a single vision: a mindful life. At YOGI TIMES, we collect inspiration, curate experiences, and create transformative conversation through articles, reviews, and city guides, executed by a vibrant and creative team of writers, editors, photographers, designers, and of course, yogis from all over the world. But more than that, we are explorers.

What we love most as YOGI TIMES is to connect –– with ourselves, each other, and like-minded people from all walks of life, which always seems to be possible in the lively and magical island of Bali. The most profound and most lasting connections we have had in our lives began on this island.




With THE ULTIMATE BALI GUIDE, we have provided you with a map full of recommendations that suits your taste, and your mode of transformation. We can’t wait for you to read our ultimate Bali guide and experience everything the island we call home has to offer. The island is ready for you, and so are we.





For more info on Bali’s best spots for the modern yogi on where to STAY | SPA | PLAY | EAT | SHOP | YOGA | HEAL | TRY Download our ULTIMATE BALI GUIDE for free. 

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