sycamore hot springs

Conveniently located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sycamore Mineral Springs and the Gardens of Avila restaurant are committed to offering an experience of health and wellness.

Stop, stay, breathe and relax seems to be the mojo of the Sycamore Mineral Spring Resort. Right off the 101 freeways, this luscious green hidden treasure is a mixing of comfortable resort and quietness retreat. Surrounded by Sycamore trees, the particular scent is present everywhere.

As you walk in the lobby, a Spanish proverb greets you, “How beautiful it is to do nothing and to rest after that” it resumes the essence of Sycamore. Rest, relax and rejuvenate while nourishing yourself of delicious food.


At the Gardens of Avila, the on-site restaurant, Executive chef Evan Treadwell and Sous chef Justin Gabbert offer an excellent menu of gourmet cuisine. Continuously re-inventing the presentation and the menu which changes with the equinox and the solstice every 4 months. Making use of the finest products such as vegetables from the resort’s on-site organic garden, free-range poultry, and wild/line-caught seafood, they create hormone free meals that are creatively presented.

You can visit the garden during the day and even select your dinner menu. A variety of local wines are available to explore the spirit of the region and every month a special wine is suggested. Upon prior request, a selection of vegan gourmet food can be requested to accommodate your choices.

Sycamore is much more than a resort. It’s a healing centre where Deborah Coryell and Jona, directors of the health and wellness programme, have created a variety of choices to suit each person’s needs. They designed customized integrative healing retreat packages to enhance personal as well as corporate well being.

Workshops such a Team Building, Motivation, Compassionate Communication or Mind Body Awareness include meals, yoga classes, pilates, meditation, chakra restorative yoga, retreat yoga and guided hikes and therapeutic treatments. The classes and workshops are being held in the “dome”, where mats and other props are available. The local community, as well as the individual guests, can enjoy daily classes at the Healing Center and the outdoor redwoods hot tubs by the hour. Soaking in the healing properties of sulfur mineral waters provide a natural relaxation effect on the body.


Some great attention has been given to the Treatment Center, recently renovated in a Spanish style, conserving the architecture of the original building, yet adding a spa-like feel to it. The treatments offered seem to capture the essence of the relaxing and healing atmosphere of Sycamore.

The Shankara skin care treatment experience, a dynamic ayurvedic facial, repairs skin cells and individually create balance skin condition. Cleansing of the skin is followed by a manual microdermabrasion or enzyme treatment. A layering of aromatherapeutic product deeply penetrates the cellular level. A mask is applied while the therapist rubs your feet with a small Tibetan bowl to bring the whole body into balance. A traditional Marma energy point technique induces a total relaxation. Finally, a blend of Ayurvedic oils is gently cascaded over the forehead and the scalp. A 90-minute treatment transporting the mind into a journey of scents and sensuality.

Other treatments such as deep tissues, pre-natal massage, shiatsu, craniosacral, and reflexology, or Dry Brush massage which leaves you with an extraordinary re-hydrated skin, free of dead skin, and perfectly prepared for receiving the warm sun of California.


The rooms are spacious; with outdoor patios and every one of them has a private hot tub with mineral water that can be filled at your convenience. Fireplace, living room, and all the modern amenities like Internet, TV, fridge etc. provide a perfect blend to be able to fully relax while staying connected to your responsibilities if one needs to.

The staff at Sycamore is discrete yet very present to your needs, everyone seems to have an invested passion for the place itself, many have been working there for a long time and do not intend to go anywhere else. While you are there, this is an amazing scenic region where wondrous natural resources such as clean air and beaches, ocean kayaking, dunes, golf, and more than 100 local wineries can be part of the experience. So, Get ready and pack your luggage for a quick and restorative trip to the lush forest of San Luis Obispo.

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