sweetleaf stevia

Sweetleaf Stevia, producer of the first all-natural, zero calorie, zero carbohydrate liquid sweetener, adds six new essences to their already enticing palette of flavors.  Joining Apricot Nectar and Vanilla Crème are such new delights as Peppermint, Root Beer and Dark Chocolate.  Liven up coffee, tea, milk, protein shakes and smoothies with these flavors that are perfect for adults, kids and the special dietary needs of diabetics.  

With no chemicals like Sucralose or Aspartame, this liquid sweetener can even be used as a no-calorie mixer for specialty martinis.  Just add 1 drop per ounce of water or 2 drops per ounce of coffee.  

At $13.98 a two ounce dropper bottle is good for 240 servings.  Find it on your grocer’s natural food aisle or the natural foods store’s supplement aisle.

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