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After the great success in Rotterdam, Spirit Restaurant has finally conquered Amsterdam. In this canteen-style restaurant, you can fetch your vegetarian food from a long buffet counter and pay by weight. A unique concept concerning the zero waste policy!  

So grab a plate and have a look at the variety of food. Who said that vegetarian or vegan dishes are boring? At Spirit restaurant, you can find a rainbow-colored assortment of both cold and warm vegetarian dishes and mouthwatering desserts. We couldn’t choose!

Spirit Amsterdam is run by Daniel en Roosmarijn Saat. Together with their team, they prepare all dishes fresh and exclusively with 100% bio and 100% veggie seasonal ingredients. Think of warm soups and curries during winter, and all kind of salads in summer. Yummy!

We had one plate of cold and warm dishes, including various types of legumes, seaweed, tempeh, and soy. We loved the anti pasti of grilled courgette, eggplant and asparagus and the tasty vegetarian croquettes, sushi and spring rolls. For dessert, we shared a plate of sweets, including rhubarb crumb and chocolate pie. To keep your glucose level and mood stable, they use only maple syrup, rice syrup or dates for their desserts. We love that!

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed, yet the space is quite big and brightly lit. So this is maybe not the place to be if you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner or a long evening wining and dining with friends.

Imagine a fresh looking fast food restaurant where you can savor healthy food, where you get your plate on a tray and take a seat at one of the large tables. Have a chat with one of your neighbours or work a bit on your laptop while enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if you love the food, but would rather eat at home or in the park, they also offer the option to take away.

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