song of the new earth

Song of the New Earth journeys the sensory tale of Tom Kenyon as he slowly discovers his profound gift of sound and its relation to consciousness and healing. Self described as a Scientist, Sound Healer, Psychotherapist, Taoist, Tibetan Buddhist and Quantum Physicist Mystic, Kenyon uses toning to access and alter deeper states of consciousness that can change the planet. His mystery and power is undeniable.

At a young age he was just a boy who watched his mother sing and who believed he could sing his dreams true to the sun, moon and stars. He later realized his calling was to sing the space that allows people to make that true for themselves.

The 90-minute documentary depicts his life-long evolution through sound including an initial confused metaphysical experience with “Hathors” alongside an academic process in to neurology and brain chemistry proving that sound vibration lights up centers in the brain, decreases blood pressure and is an awesome power that passes cognitive mind, speaking to the soul and leading to the discovery of miracles and mysteries one never imagined.

Before light, there was only sound vibration and this film reinforces how the quality of words and their tonality carry a truth reflected our reality. It peeks in to a different world filled with the beauty of higher level sounds and tones. Kenyon warns the Echo System is screaming, yet nobody hears it. His deep mission calls for humans to honor the earth or it will not survive. And his mission to help achieve this is through the union between spiritual and human.

In the film, Tom’s singing evolves from boyhood dreams, to adult pop rock and country pursuits in Nashville, later moving in to chanting, sound bowls and healing singing that takes people to deep answers within themselves.

The award winning production team features Director Ward Serrill (The Hear of the Game/Miramax), Editor Eric Frith (Eden) and New York Times’ animator Drew Christie and Producer Betsy Chasse (What the Bleep do we Know!?)

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