gravity and grace

Gravity and Grace is a work of art. Through elements of instruction, mood and production, this unified creation leads deeper into a sacred practice, guided by the wise inner teacher of direct personal experience. Peter Sterios, an international yoga teacher with over 30 years of practice in the US and India, offers precise, intelligent and thorough instruction in a tranquil and articulate manner. Suitable for experienced practitioners, this challenging practice is divided into a 30-minute opening sequence that opens the major joints, a 65-minute sequence that builds heat and increases life force in the body and a 20-minute series to cool the body and nervous system. At the close, a guided relaxation and seated meditation help interiorize the mind. The tone of Gravity and Grace is reverent, noble and dignified, portraying Sterios’ responsible and mature understanding of yoga asana. Additionally, Stuart Balcomb’s music complements the student’s efforts to concentrate and connect, providing a subtle ethnic flavor that aids in finding center and grounding. Finally, elegant lighting and production tastefully evoke poise with their beautiful theatrical quality. A high-caliber achievement from an exceptionally talented team, Gravity and Grace certainly promises to bring greater self-awareness and growth to any dedicated student. – $24.95 – You also might like this svadhyaya: self-awareness through self-study