organic festival in barcelona

In the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Spain, The Barcelona Maritime Museum transformed into a conference room, yoga center, film library, and organic kitchen to host the inspirational  “ORGANIC FESTIVAL”. With a focus on taking care of yourself, the festivities included meditation and dance sessions, cooking demonstrations and tastings, a food market, and showrooms of natural products. There were also sessions of various therapies, such as yoga, acroyoga, and massages.

The Organic Festival is a way of bringing the philosophy of a conscious life to the general public and providing the possibility to spend quality within the city. The festival aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and deliver an extensive program for visitors to enjoy, which includes exhibitors, activities, conferences, workshops and live music. Everything is presented in an interactive format where participants can experience firsthand all this festival has to offer. 

We had the opportunity YOGABODY FITNESS in Barcelona to teach vinyasa flow class by Judith Secanell Yoga teacher and create a “Demo trapeze yoga class” by Lucas Rockwood that represented our personal style. – and I was surprised by the magic that unfolded. When yogis unite to breathe, move, and raise their vibration together, the energy is powerful beyond measure. People inhaling and exhaling to the same frequency is incredibly relaxing and the perfect way to end a flow experience.

The Festival schedule for the 2 days was 11am to 9pm. The price of admission was 8 euros (purchased in advance online) or 10 euros (at the box office).

Overall, the organic festival is a place to practice, connect with the community, and have fun.

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