numi organic tea

After spending years apart in two different countries, a family reunion between brother and sister Ahmed and Reem Rahim sparked the creation of Numi Organic Tea company in 1999. Ahmed had spent the past few years owning and operating teahouses in Europe, while Reem was studying art in California. Although “numi” actually means “citrus” in Arabic, the company was named after a Middle Eastern dried lime teasan the Rahims used to drink as children in Iraq. (Check out other languages meaning of “numi” or its variations here.) Herbal “teasan” are plants that are prepared like tea but are made from plants other than camellia sinesis.

Numi Organic Tea company works directly with farmers, using 100% organic, non-GMO herbs, fruits, and flowers from around the globe to produce their delicious teas. All 10 flavors are also naturally decaffeinated, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tea at any time of the day. 

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