the love guide

The Love Guide is a quirky comedy starring America’s funny girl, Parker Posey. Prepare yourself for lots of laughter, lots of yoga”¦. and a lot of chickens.

Posey plays Angelica Lovechild, a kooky personal-growth guru, who lives live in her own little world of the astral plain and she believes the only thing that stands between you and your dream, is the crap in your life. 

Starring in her own “reality” TV show, Cut The Crap – a format that promises enlightenment by way of ”˜cutting the crap’ out of ones life -Lovechild and crew embark on a journey across America spreading their “love” and “enlightened” principals. 

In a fate-like encounter, Angelica and the shows’ producer, meet the Bartlett family, a small town family of chicken farmers.

The Bartlett’s are struggling to pay for the conversion of their chicken farm from warehouse operated to free range organic, so the mother of the family, Mille Bartlett (Christy Scott-Cashman) agree for the family to star in the reality show in exchange for money (and the spiritual guidance from Lovechild) to pay for their dream farming project.

Amidst the manipulation of reality TV and the nonsense of pre-packaged spirituality, Angelica and Millie form a sister-like friendship, which slowly teaches both women the balance they were both missing.

Angelica teaches Mille Yoga to unleash her inner “warrior Goddess” and in exchange, Millie’s small town approach to life teaches Angelica how to keep her head out of the clouds.

The film centers on themes such as happiness, love, loss and forgiveness, all wrapped tightly in an unconventional, offbeat and hilarious manner. 

The ever so flexible Parker Posey fantastically portrays the scenes on Yoga, and as always, brings brilliant comedic quirk to her characters and scenes.

If you yourself are a Yoga teacher or know of one, you will certainly draw comparisons and fall in love with the wonderful character of Angelica Lovecraft; the meat- eating vegan who attends birthday party’s on the astral plain and chants, “There is no place like AUM”.

The Love Guide highlights the illusions of the “Cut The Crap” concept and the importance of learning from others when caught up in your own existence.

The direction of the movie offers the audience the chance to answer their own questions of this journey”¦. and their own.