ma:hi malas

MA:HI – a fashionable Yoga brand focused on spirituality and sustainability. Producing yoga essentials, artistic handmade products, and blessed malas in order to aid beginners and expert Yogis on their journey of self-awakening.

Spiritual practice in Bali is what inspired three fashion-conscious friends to develop MA:HI – the name is taken from Sanskrit, translating to Great Earth Goddess. Their passion and dedication towards every stage of production are what has inspired these designers to work alongside local craftsmen and artisans in Bali. Superior recycled materials such as abandoned fishing nets, plastic bottles, and reclaimed old garments are used to produce sustainable meaningful products – yoga mats, clothing, and jewelry.

Malas, known for their spiritual and healing properties, are tools for meditation. Like humans, the necklaces are unique in shape and size. A blend of 108 locally-sourced and delicately chosen stones and gems are strung together by a traditional Balinese family. According to tradition, malas must only be made by creators in a good mindset as it is believed that energy is transferred into the mala; therefore, they should not be produced with any negative energy surrounding the creator.

Once completed, MA:HI Malas are blessed by Ida Resi Alit, a highly respected Balinese high water priestess. Pasupati, the ceremony performed by Ida, is the energetic activation of objects through chanting mantras and using holy water. The ritual not only infuses the Malas with energy, but it is believed that the power of Shiva also enters the necklaces. Through self-awareness and meditation, Mala owners can reflect on their journey whilst carrying a physical source of energy wherever they wish to go!

Dedicated to their spiritual journeys, MA:HI are focused on producing quality products which not only support the yoga community but also guide them to deepen their yoga practice. Besides creating products to aid the modern yogi, MA:HI have teamed up with teachers around the world to provide free yoga and meditation tutorials online to help and inspire others.

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