la dunia | closed as of november 2016

CLOSED as of November 2016

La Dunia means “the world,” and the newly open restaurant on Batu Bolong will do just that – it will take you on a gourmet tour around the globe!

Be prepared for original international flavors, premium quality ingredients and oh so eclectic, bohemian décor.

The menu of this big, spacious, and breezy restaurant offers a bit of everything for everyone. The carefully-crafted selection combines traditions and draws inspiration from different cuisines across the five continents. You can experience the fantastic flavors of Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia or Tahiti without having to leave Bali!

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They also offer many flavorsome options for both vegetarians and vegans in Bali. Prepare to swoon over La Dunia’s mildly spicy, creamy Black Beans Soup with Coconut Milk, topped with a poached egg, a soft Pita Bread and a bowl of rice on the side. This champion dish will keep you going for hours!

Another notable creation that will interest plant-based diet fans would be Veggie Curry – a beautifully presented, warm bowl full of a tenderly cooked myriad of greens, accompanied by a plate of fragrant, non-sticky Basmati rice. Spiced just to perfection, without overwhelming the taste of the individual ingredients.

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The culinary wizards of La Dunia want your taste buds to dance, but they are not going to make your wallet bleed. The opulent structure might come across as a home to a pretentious fine dining, but that cannot be further away from this concept. The vibe here feels very relaxed, yet offers a certain level of sophistication. The mission is to serve tasty, affordable dishes made from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients.

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They also have a glass display full of mouthwatering desserts ranging from indulgent to impeccable raw creations – try their chocolate cake or velvety mousse in a jar. Your belly will thank you.

Don’t forget to pair it with their aromatic coffee blend. It will make lovers of sweet, mild espresso happy, as the blend is a perfect marriage between beans from Colombia and Brazil.

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The Concept of La Dunia will soon be joined by a Healthy shack adjacent to the main building. It will serve smoothie bowls and cold pressed juices for the early rising health-conscious crowds. Right, next door you will soon be able to stock up on La Dunia’s tasteful range of souvenirs, and they are just about to finish an event space upstairs. You can sip on a signature cocktail while watching the sun setting over the Indian Ocean on the horizon.



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