edo & jo

Kirtan Alive is a mantra folk-pop album performed by Australian Kirtan masters, Edo & Jo. The album comprises of nine sacred chants, most of which where recorded live in Sydney, and captures the voice of the yogic language effortlessly by virtue of grace and soul.

Kirtan is a form of the divine practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion that is open (universally) for everyone. They are vibration mantras, hymns, and sacred songs of the universe.

The chants are performed capturing the essence of their original Sanskrit form mixed with a few English verses, all of which flow through the audio as divine sounds of the universe. Jo, (the female of the duo) sings like an angel. A voice that flutters the heart strings and warms the soul. This angelic tone flows through the bones like a gentle whisper of the wind. Edo, (the male of the duo) brings a folky-bloke element comprising of deep resonate tones to his voice which vibrate compassionately through as mantras. His voice is honest and has a Bob Dylan quality to it that really blends their style of music as a modern Kirtan sound.

The album sleeve is loaded with a song sheet, making it real easy to learn the chants and their English translation. Edo & Jo state, “We dive each day into the mystery, and dance in the songs of the soul”. This collection offers a chance for you to do the same. This joyous expression brings the listener inner transformation, connection with the divine, healing of the heart and soul and peace that will have you chanting away blissfully time and time again.

Edo & Jo are accomplished musicians, singer-songwriters and renowned Kirtan artists. They met in Bali through connection of Kirtan, and their vision of sharing the love of song together was born. They divide their time in Australia, Bali and India, performing and spreading the joy of Kirtan at yoga schools, hospitals, retreats, teacher trainings and orphanages worldwide. If you are fortunate enough to come across a performance of the duo, you will experience first hand live how these songs of the soul truly are for the soul and will shower you with abundant love and and peace.

You can find out more about Edo and Jo and their schedule here: edoandjo.com

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