jeda villa retreats

“Jeda” is the Indonesian word for “interlude:” a break from reality, a vacation from the stresses of life.

Nestled between clear seas and rolling hills sits the village of Pemuteran (northwest of Bali). This small town is home to the Jeda Yoga Retreats, a resort perfect for a relaxing yoga retreat.

The village of Pemuteran sits on the part of the island called Gunug-Nyegara, where massive ancient temples fill the land.

The Balinese describe this land as the intersection of the sea and the mountains. They claim this location holds a powerful spiritual energy that brings harmony to the earth, sea, and locals.

The Jeda Yoga Retreats is seated between the slope of the hills and the shore of the water – the perfect meeting of two strong elements. 

In a beautiful tropical garden of two hectares, the Jeda Yoga Retreats satisfies one’s needs for tranquility, privacy, peace, and sharing. Aesthetically integrated in their local environment, their modern architecture brings extra comfort.

Jeda Yoga Retreats is composed of two exclusive three-bedroom villas and one two-bedroom villa with a maximum capacity of fourteen guests.

All villas are equipped with a spacious kitchen, large living-dining room, TV and reading area, partially open bathrooms that adjoin each room, and a sparkling swimming pool.

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Breakfast is prepared and served in each villa as well as lunch and dinner, if desired. A basic full menu with local and imported ingredients is available, but during all yoga retreats, a private chef prepares vegan healthy meals based on Ayurveda’s concepts. 

Quinoa, cucumber, avocado and veggies with cashew wasabi mayonnaise; Basmati rice coconut milk salad; Chana chaat (potatoes with curry with crispy savory cookies); or Green tea madeleines are just a few ideas. 

To complete a pleasant stay, the Jeda Yoga Retreats offers a variety of luxury services: laundry service; shuttle; Wi-Fi; comfortable rooms with king size beds and quality mattresses; air conditioning and fans; modern equipment in the kitchens.

Upon request, guests can get a massage from a local Balinese massage therapist. All these services allow you to fully “retreat” and focus on yourself.

Yoga is available upon request for those staying at the retreat. The studio is “semi-open” and offers scenic garden views with a mountain range as the backdrop. This contributes to teachers and students alike experiencing ideal levels of peace and tranquility.

There is also an option to engage in private hot yoga sessions. 

With the advantages of feeling at home yet staying at a hotel, a trip to Jeda Yoga Retreats is the perfect place for relaxation.

Also, due to its location, the Jeda Yoga Retreats is the point of departure and return for tours, treks, diving, and snorkeling. For workshops and yoga training, meditation or other activities, the management team can assist you in organizing and customizing such events. 

A winding road leads to Pemuteran.

What may seem like an obstacle is, in fact, a reminder of the beauty of the island and its riches. Bali continues to inspire those who are eager to be.

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