jaya yoga shala

Located in one of the most crowded areas in Lisbon, there is a space that takes us to a place of calm and peace, and challenges us and takes us out of our comfort zone. Here you have Suspended Yoga, Aerial Flow, Yin Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, AcroPole and, of course, classic Hatha Yoga. If what you need is to challenge your body, your mind and your spirit, then Jaya Yoga Shala is the right place for you.

When you reach the seventh floor studio on Conde Valbom Avenue, in Saldanha, you immediately feel the magical energy that fills the room. The large windows provide unique light to the whole apartment warming our hearts, the garden is full of colourful plants calms our heart rate, accelerated by the stress of the city, and there’s always somebody who welcomes us with a smile.

Suspended Yoga is the best bet of this shala. This method, created in the USA by Christopher Harrison, reached Portugal through the heart of professor Rui Oliveira Costa, making Jaya Yoga Shala a pioneer in this practice. The fabric, suspended from the ceiling, is what supports our journey through the discovery of ourselves and challenges us to go further and further, against the laws of gravity. It may be scary at first, but practice shows us that this method has only benefits: our body becomes toned and stronger, we gain awareness of our strength, our resistance and our limits, which are continually pushed. Here, we can fly, and not even the sky can stop us.

To complement the yoga practice, there is also the possibility of having Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tui Na or Ayurvedic massage therapies.

For children, there’s also the possibility of starting the journey of self-discovery through BabYoga or FunYoga. Here, nobody is left out!

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