it's me

In the charming children’s book, It’s Me!, writer Eric Drachman introduces the adorable Patricia, who plays dress up and tells a fancy story for every costume that she wears. Her imagination and sparkling personality infuse her stories with warmth and laughter. W

ith each new costume, Patricia takes on a new persona with all of the uninhibited imagination and innocence that make childhood so magical. Readers of all ages will relate to Patricia and how earnestly she plays her roles.

Imagination is such a valuable commodity and is so easily lost as we grow older. It’s Me! encourages its readers to cultivate and express their imaginations from an early age. Another positive message portrayed in the book is the inspiring interactions between Patricia and her family members as they participate in her adventures and become characters in her fantasies.

Author Eric Drachman writes with an authentic voice that reminds us what it’s like to be a child. He faithfully recreates the emotions, the playfulness and the carefree, wild imaginings that we indulged in during our childhoods.
The book is beautifully illustrated by Isabelle Decenciere, who brings the characters to life with vibrant color and dimension. It’s me! also comes with an entertaining audio CD with fun voices, music and sound effects to accompany this delightful story.  

All Kidwick books come with well-recorded and entertaining audio-CDs that enhance the learning experience. 


Also by this author: Leo, The Lightning Bug and Ellison The Elephant.

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