hello grand mamoon

After reading Hello, Grand Mamoon, you’ll never look at the moon the same way again. In this charming book, we meet Tula, whose grandmother has died. But, Tula remembers the stories she used to tell with great nostalgia. Nellie, her grandmother, taught Tula about the different ways civilizations used to honor the moon, through dancing, singing and drumming. She spoke of how the Village Earth became bigger and bigger, driving people to forget about looking up at the Moon Mother. Grandma Nellie told Tula that if she really was looking at the Moon Mother she would find her great round face in the sky. Tula couldn’t see it. “Look with your heart, Tula.” Nellie would advise her. Eventually, through persistence, Tula was able to see “what our ancestors saw.” She saw the face of the Moon Mother, and for her, she saw the face of her grandmother. She invites family and friends to celebrate seeing grandma Nellie in the moon, watching over them. This enlightening tale reminds us how little time we spend celebrating the moon and honoring her presence, even if it’s just to acknowledge her impact in our life. It revives the natural fascination and bond that our ancestors cultivated so regularly, and so religiously. ‘Hello, Grand Mamoon’ is a great way for your child to connect or reconnect with Moon Mother. What do you see when you look at the moon? Whose face will your child discover? Check it out. You can find “Hello, Grand Mamoon” at Barnes and Noble or Amazon Read next >> reuse it