It’s no secret that water is the source of life. Neither is the fact that we are made of 60% water. It is vital to drink at least 2 liters of it every daily to detox, flush out the toxins, and help the muscles to repair. In a busy schedule, we often forget to hydrate, which can lead to headaches, sluginess or even kidney stones in chronic dehydration cases. Water and its content is almost as important as food and its nutritional value, even though we can’t see it. Good mineral water is definitely better than filtered water or tap water because of its content. There has been a lot of debate around the best type of water, the optimal amount of minerals, but also about the effect the plastic has on water. Buying glass-bottled water seems to be the best option, but definitely not the most cost efficient nor eco-friendly.

Should we then turn to nature to look for the answer? Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could drink crystal clear spring water every day, without actually paying for it? What if there was a bottle that changes normal water into spring water? Sounds like magic, but it’s actually possible! By using TPS (technology of programming silicon), FLASKA bottle was designed to replicate the structure of water occuring in the natural environment. That means that the glass is designed in a way to bring the vibrational structure to the water you pour in your bottle, whether it’s tap, filtered or boiled water. The founder and creator of FLASKA came up with the idea whilst cultivating strawberries and saw a tremendous difference in the fruit qality when irigating the soil with structured water.

How do you have spring structured water everywhere you go? It’s very simple: fill the bottle with water, it will change its taste within 5 minutes to more soft and slightly sweet. It  takes an hour for the water to have its maximum benefits.

The bottle comes with a wide range of colorful sleeves to choose from and a cross body strap, which makes the bottle easy to carry when travelling or hiking. Alternatively, you can go for a shoulder bag and make it a fashionable accessory. It’s solid, handy and durable. It’s resistant to drops and knocks although it’s best to protect it if you’re carrying it around. I personally loved their neoprene bright green sleeve, but you can choose between silicone, cork and soft cotton velour. I keep it on my desk and it reminds me to drink as often as possible.

The bottles are made in Slovenia and currently available online.

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