why check out canada’s yoga & music festival?

Imagine being in nature in Canada, feeling the warm sunshine and practicing yoga in a wild flower field surrounded by conscious community.

That is just some of the goodness that will be taking place at the Emerge Yoga Festival June 29 to July 2, 2017 in Laurentian Valley, Ontario.The Founder, and Co-Producer of Emerge Canada’s Yoga Festival Chessa Sabourin is pulling out all the stops to create a transformational experience that she intends to have ripple out into the nearby town of Pembroke.

After teaching yoga for over ten years I cannot believe that I still have never attended a yoga festival!

Emerge is going to be my first and here’s why:

Canadian Nature

In my opinion nothing beats nature in Canada. There is a special vibration throughout the land here and because so much of the year is cold, what emerges in the spring and summer as the plants and trees wake up again and once again become expressions of light, is nothing short of pure magic.  Many Yoga Festivals happen in cities with so many distractions nearby. Emerge is taking place on a 200-acre property of wildflowers and pristine nature.

There are so many ways to enjoy mother nature: guided hikes, trail runs, forest meditations, stand-up paddle boarding and more.

To go even deeper you can Glamp! In case you haven’t heard, Glamping is Glamourous camping… or if you prefer to “rough it” a bit more you can pitch your tent under the stars and camp!

Conscious Community

As they say your vibe attracts your tribe, but sometimes you aren’t in the right place to discover your tribe. Emerge will be a soul gathering with all kinds opportunities for you to meet interesting, heart centred people and enjoy days of yoga, nature and music. Come alone, with a friend or a partner and don’t be shy; you are sure to leave with more soul family then you came with!

World-class teachers and musicians

Emerge is bringing a world-renowned lineup of yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, workshops and speakers to inspire you in nature. Yoga Teachers include: Seane Corn, Kia Miller, Ashley Turner, Tommy Rosen and more. Musicians include: Chris Assaad, Magic Giant, DTO and DJ Sol Rising.

Breathe, dance by the mainstage, meditate and chant as you are guided by the light of these powerful facilitators and musicians. Receive this beautiful opportunity to inspire your practice and gain new skills to share with others.


The feeling of freedom is what I am most looking forward to! Freedom to be any way you want to be, to move, sing, breathe, connect and emerge from love.  Whether you find your bliss in a yoga pose, a deep meditation, dancing to a soul inspiring beat, or through delighting your taste buds with organic gourmet food, it is sure to be a good time!

To make you feel even better, Emerge is giving 10% of all ticket profits to two not for profit charities, Healing Family Vacations and Rain forest Conservation. 

I am taking this opportunity for myself to Emerge this summer, to feel free and expand my consciousness through enjoying life!

Whether you can join me or not, I invite you to take some time for yourself this summer to cultivate and experience the goodness within and all around you!

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