eat away app – your customized diet translator

Do you want to travel the world at least once in your life? Are you on a special diet by choice or medical restrictions or even just a picky eater?

If you answered YES to both questions, you might be concerned about how you will tell waiters about your diet using the local language.

No worries, the Eat Away team solved that problem for you.

The idea of a smartphone application came to Libby, the creator of Eat Away App, when she herself was travelling and had a hard time using online translators to say, “I’m Vegan, I can not consume anything of animal origin such as meat, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin.”

Libby decided to create an application that could accurately translate specific vocabulary involved in special diet descriptions. She collaborated with designers, nutritionists, researchers, and local translators throughout the app design process with the idea of designing the simplest and most accurate communication application.

The team selected the right amount of information needed for a clear description and studied real-life cases.

The message content describes your customizable diet in the local language of your choice. The messages were proofed by local users for accuracy, and will help you to:

• Explain the possible effects of the consumption of those restricted ingredients on your health.

• Provide examples of what may contain the ingredients you need to avoid.

• Mention cross-contamination by using the same tools in the kitchen.

• Give the possibility to the waiter to either point on the menu what could be your meal, to tailor you a special dish or in the worst case, declare that there is no food you can have in this restaurant.

Eat Away is available from the iTunes store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It includes many options to customize your diet, as well as the available languages:

• French

• German

• Italian

• Japanese

• Mandarin

• Portuguese (Brazilian)

• Spanish (in seven regional dialects!)

Enjoy traveling and eating well!

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