earth café [closed until further notice]

former vegan cafe – health food store in Seminyak

In quest for vegetarian restaurants in Bali, we found Earth Café, tucked-in amongst the chic restaurants on Oberoi Street, like a green leaf popping out of the jungle. Upon entering, you immediately feel relaxed and at ease with the low-key atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the unpretentious décor. The mellow ambiance makes it obvious that the staff is like a family to the owner. 

Liat Solomon (also owner of vegetarian, macrobiotic restaurant Zula and mother of two) incorporated a mix of Mediterranean, Indian, and Japanese flavors into her menu to spice up the otherwise sometimes plain taste of macrobiotic food. When deliberating over the delectable menu items, don’t pass on the Sweet Potato French Fries served with homemade ketchup and freshly cut to order and cooked in coconut oil. Mmmmmm – delectable and light!.

The vegetable Gluten-Free Samosas with chutney sauce, the Planet Platter (whole grains, vegetables, beans and sea vegetables), and the healthy version of a Thali (the traditional Indian meal composed of yellow lentil Dahl, spinach, and a warmed organic whole-wheat chapatti) all comes as favorites to the loyal customers.

The carefully chosen ingredients in each dish create a sensation of being “taken care of” as you would, eating a meal back home with your family. Earth Café is also known for the variety of juices and smoothies it offers such as the “coconut delight” (spirulina, coconut water, and molasses) which comes as the perfect electrolyte recharge when it’s over 100 degrees outside! Don’t forget to ask about their vegan ice cream.

The café also offers macrobiotic cooking classes, nutritional private consultation and a small shop/market with a selection of local and imported health items otherwise hard to find in Bali.

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“Macrobiotics,” explains Liat, “starts with balancing your diet as the foundation for a healthy and happy life, but, all-in-all, it means striving to create harmony in all aspects of daily life with a personal commitment to self-reflection and change and an active lifestyle.”

Wow, who’s not up for that!

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