bohemian island’s 100% cotton harem pants

Harem pants blossomed into a trend roughly a decade ago – and it looks like they are here to stay. What makes these baggy, low-slung trousers so popular and captivating? 

Researching the garment, you are likely to be impressed by its ubiquity and longevity. These puffed genie pants, referred to as “ÅŸalvar” in Turkey, have been worn by men and women in Turkey, India, Ancient Persia, and the Middle East for over 2,000 years. They were introduced to the Western world in the early 20th century and briefly (but unforgettably) popularized in the eighties by Mc Hammer.

Playing with this versatility, Bohemian Island have created a diverse line of 100% cotton harem pants that come in a wide array of stunning colors, prints, and styles. Peruse their online store and you will find various collections: ‘aztec’, ‘elephant’, and ‘limited edition’. Best sellers include their ‘peacock’ and ‘mandala’ designs, intricately hand-stitched to embody the dazzling feathers of a peacock or the delicate symmetry of a mandala. Their ‘plain’ collection consists of solid colors – both ‘bold’ and ‘toned-down’ – suitable for everyday situations or more formal settings.

Bohemian Island is on a mission to produce beautiful, comfortable clothing, “hand-stitched with love” for all genders, ranging from shorts, skirts, shirts, pants, to kids’ clothes. All materials are responsibly and locally-sourced from a family-run factory in Thailand, where fair working conditions and salaries are guaranteed. 10% of profits go to Soi Dog Foundation, in Phuket, to help them take care of the rapidly-increasing population of stray dogs and cats on the island and across South East Asia.

Stretch, dance, and play. Bohemian Island’s ‘harem pants’ are spacious and lightweight, providing plenty of freedom for all types of movement. Soft and breathable, the high-quality fabric is equally suited to relaxing, whether you are lounging around at home or spending a day at the beach. The trousers come in varying sizes, including ‘standard’ – designed to fit all body types with an elasticated waistband and ankles – large, and extra-large.

These distinctive, exotic trousers have spanned centuries, continents and cultures, making their way back into the wardrobes of men and women alike. While often coupled with the yogi, meditator and bohemian lifestyle, you will find them gathering at the ankles of just about anyone who appreciates a chic brand of comfort. Bohemian Island seamlessly fuses simplicity and elegance, proving that this timeless fashion trend continues to inspire and satisfy… and has no intention of leaving us anytime soon.

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