bitte coffeehouse & süße griechische kleinigkeiten

“Bitte! mehr davon” one might exclaim having tried the delicious raw vegan cheesecake (with home-made tangerine jam) the tiny and cute new café on Glogauerstrasse has on offer. It is funny how despite the minimalism of décor the steering wheel and retro globe give you the impression you were about to get on a boat for your two weeks sailing trip hopping from one Greek island to another.

Obviously the Greek yoghurt on the menu accompanied by “Dakos” (special Greek bread from Crete, feta cheese, tomato, Greek olive oil and oregano) further fuel that fantasy. Choosing the juice of the day will give you a surprising mix of veggies and fruit. Mine contained grapes, apples and carrots.

Following the Facebook page of the Coffeehouse will keep you informed about their irregular (but seemingly awesome) vegan brunches and other special events. Not to mention the mouth-watering images of the new cake creations the founders Markela Bgiala and Christina Pavlou come up with.

The funky concept of mixing coffee, Greek culture, artisans and trendy veganism fits right in here in Kreuzberg – topped off with electro-funk being played in the background. Next time you enjoy the sun in Görlitzer Park, make sure to drop by. 

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