aura – glow like a goddess

It’s funny sometimes how something so wonderful can be going on and remain a secret to so many. However, this story is too important to keep secret any longer.

The story begins on the edge of the rice fields in Bali, Asia. It’s a story about giving women the opportunity to look and feel ‘fabulously feminine’ as they move their bodies and connect to their spirit. 

Aura is a sensual eco-conscious clothing label for women that was designed for women to move through life with grace and confidence. Aura is at the cutting edge of style and versatility. The clothes are sown using semi-natural, breathable fabric by local Balinese artisans. The company’s clothing is intertwined with the exotic East with a Western contemporary influence. Like Asia, Aura is vibrant, exotic, and has an infectious energy – it’s like nothing else on the planet. Aura was designed out of love for the feminine spirit: born out of the desire for women to externally express the beauty that shines from within.

Our auras act as mirrors to our spirit and soul. Every one of us is unique and reflects beauty from within. So, a women’s uniqueness should reflect from her soul and touch the world. Through the clothes a woman wears, the world can appreciate her grace, elegance, inner wisdom, and sensual beauty.

I recognize and feel passionately that women want to express their beauty, to be empowered and inspired as they dance and journey through life. Each women who wears this collection will be invited to live life to the fullest, to step into their limitless potential, to trust their intuition, and to embrace their true colors.

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