enhance your natural beauty with agent nateur


Agent Nateur is a delectable find that makes it extremely easy to go au natural.

There is such a wide availability of all-natural body products these days that you no longer have to resort to soaking your skin in toxic substances and hazardous chemicals to get your beauty fix.

Consumers sometimes worry that wholesome products won’t get the job done as adequately as their chemical-ridden counterparts, but discovering brands that are both effective and high-quality while boasting non-toxic recipes is a gratifying feat.

Their philosophy is to “create chic and effective natural beauty products” that are healthful and good enough to eat. Their ethical line is delightfully free of GMO’s, soy, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum.

Research has shown that the chemicals we apply to our bodies can penetrate the skin and enter into our bloodstream, causing harmful side effects and genetic malformations.

Most of us prefer to avoid products that are loaded with fragrances and synthetic materials, but we are not always sure where to look, especially when it comes to staple items like deodorant, which forms a key part of our daily grooming ritual.

Agent Nateur’s elegantly-packaged vegan concoctions consist of the finest unprocessed ingredients sourced in Europe, which has the second highest standards for cosmetic regulations in the world after Japan. Founder, Jena Covello, started her line after receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis and adenomyosis, which led her towards a holistic lifestyle and a quest to discover food and herbs with healing properties.

Agent Nateur’s organic ‘holi’ deodorant is made out of raw honey, lavender, eucalyptus and other beneficial food-grade ingredients.

Popular for its creamy texture and long-lasting effects, this delicious product emits a sensual scent and is soothing for the skin.

Other deodorant blends are tailored for men or geared towards those with highly-sensitive skin.

Their anti-aging facial serum is packed with natural, wild-crafted ingredients and revitalizing vitamins. This luxurious oil glides onto the skin and is quickly absorbed to hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate, treating your face with upmost kindest.

Another decadent and innovative product is the “adaptogenic blend” aimed at balancing the hormones, calming the mind and lowering inflammation.

If you’re looking for products that “really work” without compromising your health, you can count on Agent Nateur’s earthy, handmade formulas to render exceptional results.

Not only do they take care of specific beauty needs but they are aimed at nurturing and nourishing the body while promoting a healthy immune system. Gone are the days of suffering in the name of beauty!

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