why is it important to protect your energy?

Energy is a force; it is a feeling that we emit subconsciously. It is an organic part of ourselves that allows us to connect with the natural, uninterrupted world. So, how do you protect your energy?

Its appreciation requires calm and attention, making it fragile.

Often, this conflicts with the demands of our higher intensity lifestyle; moved away from simple living and towards our need for immediate gratification, our energy’s capabilities are often dimmed, overshadowed, and go unnoticed if we do not take time to understand and harness its power we can never reach our true spiritual and connected potential. 

To ensure you embrace and protect your energy and all parts of yourself, you must first recognize and protect your own energy and create a positive energy field.

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Practical Strategies to Protect Your Energy

protect your energy

Feel grounded and be present

Try to feel the simplicity of life as you do when you’re hanging up washing on a summer’s midafternoon, the sun beating down like vibrations on the skin.

You’re reliant on its heat to dry your clothes, and the simplicity of the trust makes your mood as light as the wind blowing your gradually lightened hair.

You focus on all your senses, the contrast of the cool clothes on your fingertips with the warm tingling on your skin, the slight furrow in your brow as the brightness causes you to squint, the smell of fresh laundry swirling with every movement like the steam on a coffee too hot to drink.

To feel grounded is to feel present, connected to the speeding up and slowing down of life.

To go crazy and get carried away but also to feel the calm of the birds chirping to enjoy the hum of the washing machine, the wind in the trees, or the chatter of distant people as they perform as background noise as you read your book or lose yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts.

To be grounded is to be swept away but also to be halted. To hold yourself accountable for the energy you feel and the space you take up to make use of your mind and the time you owe to no other. 

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Control your ego

To feel a buzz in your energy can be refreshing and stimulating in your journey of self-actualization and acceptance; however, it is essential to maintain an outlook of gratitude rather than complacency.

To view your spark as a gift, one that is still learning to practice self-control, kindness, and forgiveness to ourselves and others.

Even in our excitement, we must remember the power of empathy and how we can use our light to direct others as they find theirs.

Despite magnifying our scope of positivity, this will not always be the case, and often, an experience of negativity, regardless of its temporary state, can be seen as a setback.

You must remember that protecting your energy is not linear, and maintaining the calm needed for this healthy balance can fluctuate in ease and consistency; you must use this to practice patience and resume a perspective that does not revolve around the ego.

Do not feel owed positivity or expect simplicity when tested.

It would help if you steered away from emotions of competition or rivalry, such as jealousy or revenge; they will be the thieves of your peace and overwhelm you.

Remember to think of others; kindness and compassion will only fuel your energy further; let it spread to others; sharing your energy will only affirm its radiancy and steer you away from an egocentric growth pattern, protecting and nurturing its organic positivity in community and collectivism. 

Tune in to how you’re feeling.

Protecting your energy is also a matter of recognizing when something feels off when your mood has been compromised; it is integral to your overall well-being to recentre it, have those difficult conversations, and get your whole night’s sleep.

By recognizing and appreciating your shifts in mood, you will be able to accommodate your energy gently; it will allow you to be as forgiving towards yourself as you would be to the loved ones around you.

It will teach you internal patience and self-understanding; no two days are the same, and neither will be your journey of emotions, connections, and self-expression.

Allow your energy to shift with you; the flexibility of this pattern will bring you peace and acceptance to create stillness and regularity in making every day positive, even if only through perspective. 

Find your happy place and be aware of your triggers.

Protect Your Energy

Become aware of what emotions the things around you ignite.

Does the smell of the disturbed soil as it rains make you smile at childhood memories, do visits to the beach remind you of family vacations, or does the distant hum of chatter fill you with a longing for greater connection?

Pay close attention to these raw gut feelings; they tell you of your energy’s thirst; find what creates the calm and recreate it in times of turmoil.

Buy the kite you find exciting to fly, and rekindle the cheekiness of your youth.

In the same regard, accept the things that are affecting you negatively, understand them if you can, but also learn to coexist with things that make you uncomfortable, focus on your responses to them, and harness your ability to choose a different path of reaction, instead of anger during a heated argument choose a moment of self-recognition or a possible distraction as a moment of quiet for you mind to process the specifics of the conflict that have upset you. 

Workplace-Specific Energy Protection

protect your energy

Choose a workplace that works for you.

Most of our time is spent in a work environment; we will spend most of our energy, so we need to ensure the atmosphere that represents the energy we wish to envelop and accommodate and nurture the energy we currently attain.

Things as simple as the work setting need to align with the vision of work we have for ourselves.

We don’t want to feel drained. If socializing with co-workers awakens your spirit, an open-plan office with a team-based position might be best.

In contrast, a remote role might be more accommodating and provide greater consistency for those wanting greater flexibility in location or those balancing a multiple placement role. 


Follow your passions and make room for self-expression.

Ensure your post interests you; doing something you find mundane or boring may be fine for a short while, but soon, your energy will start to drain.

It will crave more, protect its desire for growth by taking opportunities that interest you, and work through the fear of change and lack of familiarity, as everything with the risk of failure has the opportunity for the greatest reward.

Strive towards an environment that you feel fulfilled in, somewhere that provides you with modes of self-expression, ways in which you can feel a sense of pride and ownership over your work and, in turn, a feeling of fulfillment and belonging, creating a sense of safety for your energy to experiment protecting its growth and maintaining its ability to grow as an extension of your interests and professional goals.

Set boundaries

Regardless of the level of fulfillment your position in the workplace may bring, it is integral to protect your energy so that you maintain a healthy work and professional life balance; you must practice setting boundaries.

This will ensure you spend time on things you enjoy from all sectors of your life; you can generate a more holistic understanding and positive expression of the self if you embrace and nurture all the things that bring light and vibration to your energy, reducing stress.

You feel less drained and will have more significant opportunities to spend quality time with family members.

Daily Practices to Protect Your Energy

Keep a journal 

When spending so much conscious effort to recognize and understand our emotional triggers, processing these feelings can occupy most of your mental capacity throughout the day as you navigate your internal cognitive and emotional processes.

It is, therefore, crucial to maintain a purposeful connection with the physical external environment to develop and practice healthy logical thought.

This practice is fundamental in ensuring your energy remains connected to the real world, opening the front door to grounding the thoughts that we might become voluntarily and whimsically swept away with, and reassuring us of the perspective fabrications that, more negatively, may lead to spirals of anxiety and overthinking.

Having a physical expression of thoughts can help to rationalize emotions and support processing, overall improving the energy that engulfs us as we can focus it on more positive and productive outputs.

Allow negative thoughts to wash over you.

It would be unrealistic to assume all thoughts and aspects of our energy will always be positive from the moment we start to protect its positive state, moving into an active energy shift.

So, we must accept that all thoughts are temporary and passing. It may be helpful to adopt visualization techniques to imagine something like a wave of water washing over you or a bus stop as the symbolic representation for this, where our thoughts are given the time and space to be felt and acknowledged before being let go to move onto the next stop or wash over you.

This will create the space for new thoughts and leave less room for an overthinking and overcrowded mind; challenging how true your thoughts are will relieve stress, reduce negative feelings, and encourage a calm emotional space.

Practicing gratitude

Making an effort to feel appreciative and practice gratitude for what you have in your daily life can make a massive difference in the journey to protect your energy.

When we make a conscious effort to change our outlook on life positively, we will open our energy up to the joy of finding greater favourableness in our day-to-day activities; the more we acknowledge and appreciate this, the more energy we will attract, magnifying our overall satisfaction.

However, this boost must not be taken complacently. Keeping a level head and not allowing your ego to grow beyond kindness is also integral.

Your energy requires a balance, and you must be able to use this new directive to find newer ways of understanding your values and morals; your actions represent those accordingly, ensuring your energy is strong, uplifting yourself primarily but not at the detriment of others.

When trailing a path towards negative emotions and negative people triggered by feelings of upset in your physical life, it is essential to redirect your focus onto the wonder of what having the ability to feel so negatively truly means.

It means you are alive in the ability to feel more than one feeling; you can feel a range of powerful emotions that can move you to physical changes; they may make you cry or laugh.

To feel so deeply about something, positively or negatively, demonstrates that you have been allowed to care, in the same way, you think utter delight at meeting a close friend’s first baby.

You also have the emotional range and ability to feel heartbroken at the thought of saying goodbye to another friend.

Your energy represents life; it is solid and ever-changing because you are alive with real emotions that allow you to be deeply affected by things.

That must be appreciated and treasured, for it is the root of our connection and must be celebrated and treasured in the given moment.

Practice positive forms of self-talk. 

Make a conscious effort to practice more positive self-talk and show yourself self-love; the more we convince ourselves of the flaws we see that change daily, the more we will become stuck in a rut of negative self-criticism.

This is different from the self-awareness we may have when we do not feel something about the presentation of ourselves, albeit how we have acted towards others or dressed to please the crowd and must be noted as independent of the former.

Where our daily negative self-talk drains our energy of the space and confidence we need to grow, it forms a rut that becomes more profound the longer we maintain the habit, seeing things progressively more negatively, almost convincing ourselves of it to be accurate and more negative things to happen, we will feel overwhelmed.

We must take a deep breath to ensure we have more mental energy, use them as opportunities to pause, set boundaries with negative thoughts, and focus on a more feel-good mentality with greater control of our own bodies.

Advanced Techniques for Protecting Your Energy

Yoga, meditation, and Somatic shaking.

Using your biological vessel to help ground your mind, you can ease and settle your energy. Suppose you feel pulled in directions that are not natural to you and do not seem like a healthy opportunity for growth or challenge.

In that case, restoring your energy with things like yoga, meditation, or somatic shaking might be beneficial. These advanced practices will allow your body to recharge calmly, consciously, and purposefully. 

Take time for self-care 

When you start feeling drained, as though your energy is wavering, remember to take time for some acts of self-care. Albeit, a warm bath, a hearty meal, and a cozy night in or a catch-up with friends can all aid the recentering and reigniting of your energy.

It is vital here to listen to your body, sleep if you feel tired, eat if you are hungry, and socialize if you feel bored. Picking up on these cues will help you avoid overexerting your energy.

It will allow you to experience things in healthy amounts while keeping your body aligned with the positive state of your protected energy, spending time understanding your spiritual energy and its relation to nature and the earth.


Energy is the thing that people feel when they’re around you, evermore powerful than physical appearance or material objects.

It is more significant than your personality alone or your level of intelligence; it is forgiving as it grows with you, changing based on emotion and experience.

It is the deepest and most vulnerable part of ourselves that allows us to fluctuate with the intensities that come with being human, almost elemental in its imagery; energy is an expression of our flaws, history, and beautiful imperfections simultaneously in a powerful way.

Protecting your energy is to remain grounded; it is to recognize what pulls and connects you to the world and enables you such recognition to feel and appreciate the glimmers we find in life, even in our troubles; it’s what we imagine living to feel like.

Energy is what a person feels when they’re around you, ever more powerful than physical appearance or material objects; it is more significant than your personality alone or your level of intelligence.

It is forgiving as it grows with you, changing based on emotion and experience. It is the deepest and most vulnerable part of ourselves that allows us to fluctuate with the intensities that come with being human, almost elemental in its imagery.

Energy simultaneously expresses our flaws, history, and beautiful imperfections. 

Protecting your energy is to remain grounded; it is to recognize what pulls and connects you to the world and enables you with such recognition to more deeply feel and appreciate the glimmers we find in life, even in our troubles, feel comfortable in having the conversation that helps your energy to flourish.