7 useful suggestions for managing anxiety here and now

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 20% of adults in the United States have gone through a type of anxiety disorder.

Nevertheless, the number of people suffering from anxiety is significantly higher due to many unidentified or undiagnosed cases.

The most effective method is to seek guidance from a mental health expert and implement essential improvements in your living. However, a few tactics can promptly alleviate your anxiety if you require immediate assistance.

#1 Cease Your Efforts to Combat Anxiety

Any effort to combat anxiety only strengthens it, so learning to embrace and acknowledge our feelings is crucial. Seeking guidance from spiritual advisors can be highly beneficial in this regard.

Opting for an online psychic reading can alleviate your distress and give you a deeper understanding of your emotions. A proficient psychic will assist you in identifying and accepting your anxiety.

Studies indicate that the experience of anxiety is closely linked to strong emotions of shame and guilt. It is not unusual for individuals grappling with anxiety to hold themselves responsible immediately and over an extended period.

Nevertheless, self-criticism for these emotions exacerbates anxiety, underscoring the importance of addressing and resolving these detrimental thoughts.

#2 Breathe

After convincing yourself to stop blaming yourself for feeling anxious, it is beneficial to employ standard breathing techniques to regain control and lessen your anxiety. One of the easiest methods to attempt is the box breathing technique.

To remember it, envision the four edges of the box.

Maintain this mental image as you perform the exercise. Inhale deeply, counting to four, then pause for four counts. Exhale slowly, counting to four, and wait for four more seconds.

#3 Alter Your Stance

Even though it may seem unbelievable, experts in mental health have noticed that altering how one’s body is positioned can reduce anxiety. However, the change must be significant for this outcome to be noticeable. Merely changing from one seated position to another will not produce the intended result.

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For instance, if you are lying on a bed, you could attempt to stand up, splash water on your face, and briefly stand on your feet. If you are sitting with poor posture, try stretching your shoulders and lying on your stomach.

Unless your anxiety is intense, altering your body’s position will encourage your mind to stop overthinking momentarily.

#4 Modify the Surroundings

The underlying concept of this advice remains consistent. Sometimes, simply altering your sensory surroundings can alleviate anxiety, which is why changing your position or surroundings is beneficial.

You don’t have to abruptly abandon your current activities and instantly go on a weekend getaway in the mountains (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea). Even just stepping out onto the balcony and taking in the view briefly can provide some relief.

#5 Engage in Physical Movement

If you often suffer from anxiety, you may be familiar with the advice to maintain an active lifestyle, even though you may not prefer it.

The reason behind this repetitive suggestion is that it is effective in reducing stress and alleviating anxiety in your everyday life. Extensive research spanning several years supports this statement, which holds universally.

Although you may not typically participate in regular physical activity, moving your body when experiencing heightened anxiety can still be advantageous.

You don’t have to do anything extreme; intense activities like rock climbing may not suit someone dealing with stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Just briefly dancing to a YouTube video or taking your dog for a walk is sufficient.

#6 Take a Cold Shower

Not everyone may find this tip suitable, especially during summertime when taking cold showers may not be preferred by everyone.

On the other hand, if you can tolerate cold showers and are not bothered by the initial surprise, it can be an effective technique to alleviate anxiety and provide instant relaxation for your mind.

 The physical sensation of the cold water will divert your attention and disrupt the relentless cycle of negative thoughts.

#7 Try to Talk to Someone

Ultimately, having a confidant by your side provides an excellent means for immediately reducing your anxiety.

Engaging in conversation with them allows for a beneficial “reality check,” aiding in discerning between actuality and fear-induced thoughts. Alternatively, their mere presence and encouragement offer invaluable support.


If you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, I hope these suggestions can be helpful. However, if you frequently experience anxiety, seeking support from a mental health professional is essential.

The most effective approach to managing stress is through therapy sessions with a qualified professional who understands your unique situation and has the expertise to assist you.

By seeking guidance from the best psychic mediums, you can make positive changes and find the happiness you deserve.